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Autumn Every Day

album cover

By Jamie Paige Other jamiepaige Bandcamp jamieirl SoundCloud JamiePaigeIRL YouTube Spotify Spotify pamiejaige Twitter paisleypudge Twitter paisleypudge Tumblr.
Cover art by Valerie Halla Other.
Wallpaper art by Valerie Halla Other and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Banner art by Valerie Halla Other and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 9/22/2017.
Duration: ~52:45.

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Main album: (~48:58)
  1. (1:09) Automated Answering Service
  2. (3:19) A Repetition
  3. (4:19) To Atlantis
  4. (4:42) It's 2013 Again by Jamie Paige and ODDEEO
  5. (3:54) Too Much Autotune
  6. (3:48) Special Days
  7. (1:35) Amélie
  8. (3:56) Secret Girlfriend
  9. (2:59) Bizarre Love Triangle by Jamie Paige and Nat Wesley
  10. (4:40) Pass by Jamie Paige and Marcy Nabors
  11. (5:45) Honor Majesty
  12. (5:20) Autumn Every Day
  13. (3:32) Hold Me Tightly
Non-Bandcamp release tracks: (3:47)
  1. (3:47) Secret Girlfriend (Dream Logic Version)

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Jamie Paige:

"September comes, I'm all alone..."

Special thanks to all the lovely people who helped make this album happen, and who gave me the courage to make something as big as this:

Marcy, Valerie, Oscar, Nat, Samm, Mariana, V5, Bluffy, Nami, Zuzu, Bug, Addie, Ace, Marlow, Brooke, Viv, Melody, Rachel, RJ, Jijo, Mikki, GHOST DATA, Cochet, Sadie, Arna, Madi, Elijah, Fionna, every single person I hung with on my 2016 road trip, and Honor. Especially Honor. <3

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