Beyond Canon

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Carátula por Xamag xamag-homestuck Tumblr xamag_ve Twitter Other.
Lanzado el 13/4/2020.
Duración: ~1:11:52.

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  1. (2:22) exclusion zone by horizon
  2. (4:40) Now I'm a Villain by David Ellis
  3. (3:29) Cosmic Carousel by polysaw
  4. (5:21) Surprise, We're Back by Sean Gorter
  5. (5:06) SPLIT REALITY by Xauric
  6. (4:37) Assembly by Erik Scheele
  7. (3:40) Not Canon in F major, Op. 69 by Alex Votl
  8. (3:33) The Leaving by Marcus Carline
  9. (7:16) Light Burns Out (Gestalt) by Waif
  10. (3:58) Hometeam Adv8ntage by Twirlin' Curtis
  11. (4:13) After the Sun by Circlejourney
  12. (4:13) Narrative Command by Sean William Calhoun
  13. (2:46) eleventh hour by Monobrow
  14. (3:30) Adios, Lost Boys by Clark Powell
  15. (3:15) Moving Onwards by Mathias Ramalho
  16. (2:29) Make a Pretty Picture by Tristan Scroggins
  17. (4:13) Four Kids (and a Game They Played Together) by Robert J! Lake
  18. (3:11) crystal hung in firmament's descent by Emelia K.

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Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Track art for Beyond Canon is from the Beyond Canon Track Art Anthology! Artist commentary and (gasp!) art WIPs come from the booklet linked there and as an additional file on the wiki. Much thanks to project organizer Ucklin for keeping us updated with the anthology and offering to share the art with the music wiki - here's their commentary below!

(PS: some tracks had their own original track art, mainly created by their musicians, shared on soundcloud or youtube. While all the main art images have been swapped with what's in the anthology project, we've kept original art in the commentary notes for these tracks!)

Unofficial MSPA Fans: (Tumblr, release announcement)

a track art anthology

We are proud to announce the release of the Beyond Canon Track Art Anthology!

Eighteen artists both familiar and new have come together to make art for each song in the newest official Homestuck album, Beyond Canon!

You can download the art in either of two packages:

The first package contains high-quality compressed art standardized to 1400 by 1400 pixels and includes a utility to help you embed it in your version of the album, so you can see the art when you listen to the songs on your music player of choice.

The second package contains full-resolution versions of the art files and a making-of booklet with artist sketches and commentary! Here is a link to the booklet by itself if you just want to see it!

The art is also soon to be featured on the Homestuck Music Wiki, which preserves old official art for all the tracks that had it before the Bandcamp reorganization.

We’re glad to contribute to the tradition of track art that interprets and expands upon Homestuck music!

Ucklin: (booklet commentary - back)


Rachel Z
Spicy Nyx

This list contains quite a few new arrivals to the team as well as some long-time contributors returning. Thank you all for putting the thought and time in to make art that truly befits the new album!

Additional Credits

Making-of booklet produced by Ucklin. Project management by Ucklin with help from additional Unofficial MSPA Fans managers.

Feedback for revisions was given by all the artists in the UMSPAF discord, but I want to recognize Tipsy for being consistently present and offering constructive suggestions for nearly every piece!

Though Makin stepped down after the planning stages of the project, I also want to thank him for the concept and his work sorting initial artist applications to make sure that everyone was assigned to a track that they wanted.

Some final thoughts: This project went unbelieveably smoothly, completed in just one month. The majority of artists were invited on May 1st, and art was completed by the 31st. I'm glad we get a chance to appreciate the artists on our team: So many of these people could be spending their time making money with their art, and they're helping us enrich and expand on the Homestuck soundtrack instead! Thank you to everyone who worked on art and everyone who checks out the project!

Unofficial MSPA Fans: (Tumblr, artist call announcement)

BEYOND CANON: Track Art Anthology Project

The new Homestuck album doesn’t have individual track art. That’s a shame, so let’s have fun while we draw 18 pieces of amazing art to go with each amazing song.

SIGNUPS CLOSED! Stay tuned for the results!

This project is inspired by the Homestuck Vol. 5 Track Fan Art and the Alternia Art projects. Check out these links to see what kind of images we’d be looking for.


  • Artists are encouraged to catch up with the Homestuck^2 webcomic! Art will focus on scenes and characters from it, after all.

  • Track art dimensions will be a square 1400x1400 pixels or bigger to match other Bandcamp track arts, one track art per track. While this isn’t required, art that still looks good at small sizes tends to make for better track art, keep that in mind.

  • At the very least, the final project will produce a downloadable file with the 18 pieces artists have made, so make sure you’re fine with that before applying! A PDF booklet will be released with some commentary if enough artists provide it. We’ll also try programming something that people can use to add the track art to their copies of the album automatically.

  • Because of copyright and other reasons, this is an unpaid fan project.

  • Make sure you only sign up if you’re certain you can finish the art in ONE MONTH, based on how long it usually takes you to finish a major art project. While there’s no particular hurry and you won’t be held to that deadline, we’re trying to avoid the scenario of a single missing track art stopping everything.

  • Deadline for the signup form is APRIL 30TH, 23:59 PM EST. Around a week later, we’ll contact artists and invite them to the UMSPAF Discord if they’re not already there. Coordination and progress updates will take place in the #art channel of the UMSPAF Discord, and you may be required to be aware of pings and such. There is currently no deadline set in stone for the project itself.

We hope you apply!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Album produced by Clark Powell

Album cover art by Xamag

Featuring tracks by:
David Ellis (A Lunatic's Daydream)
Sean "Flare" Gorter
Erik Scheele
Alex Votl
Marcus Carline
Twirlin' Curtis
Sean William Calhoun (Do the Musicy Thing)
Clark Powell
Mathias "FriendlyCoy" Ramalho
Tristan Scroggins
rj lake
Emelia K.

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