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(Publicado el 16/9/2023.)

Hey! How about a content-only update, with the day-and-date inclusion on the wiki of the latest and greatest behemoth album of fanmusic? And eighteen entire other albums of all sorts, to boot!

Psst, hey! It's Niklink! Since this update doesn't feature any site code changes, they're letting me bring you the news. What's that huge album I mentioned? It's Land of Fans and Music 5 Act 2, and it's the star of the show here. So let's talk about everything ELSE first. Work on the wiki has been popping off lately. In fact, the reason we released the previous update when we did was because additions were happening so fast, we had to draw a line somewhere to package and ship new albums! And that's primarily thanks to Makin, who continued his steady onslaught with TWELVE Cool and New Music Team albums!

  • Two more albums dedicated to rescoring Homestuck's flashes, Cool and New Homestuck 2 and Cool and New Homestuck 3! Make sure to check the playlists in the album commentary to witness the desecration of Homestuck's most dramatic moments firsthand!
  • Two full volumes, V8️lu♏e and 9, along with two of what I'd like to call 'side volumes', the Felt/Midnight Crew-themed Intermishin and the artwork-driven .jpeg!
  • There's a Bowman-themed (& memed) tribute album, BOWMANIA! Another telephone game-based album, call and new 2: locomotif, with a non-linearity gimmick that lets you listen to its YouTube playlist and select a path to traverse! And more!

Now that that's out of the way, we can discu— nope! We've got other albums too!

Now, finally, let's talk LOFAM5A2, from the eternally extant music-makin' group, Unofficial MSPA Fans. Why should you care so much? Well, it's six hours+ long, making it the second-longest album on the wiki yet (only 11 minutes shy of the record). It features 100 tracks, brought to you by 100 composers and artists. And here's the kicker: it's all great! Basically, they took the last two-and-a-half-ish years of Homestuck fanmusic, condensed it to a radioactive core, lit the fuse, and dropped it in your lap, for you to enjoy slash perish.

The album features work from not only some old titans of the fanmusic scene, but also some recently established figures of the last few years, AND some of the freshest, most exciting new faces in the community, many of whom had never released their music as part of a fan album, or sometimes even at all! There's roughly 50 artists making their first appearance on the wiki, and I strongly suggest you pay attention to the credits list, because some of these guys are gonna be the ones blowing your mind over NEXT few years. Stay tuned.

But hey, that means that some of these tracks aren't new! In fact, 18/100 have already been included on the wiki in existing albums. That means that if you've been keeping up with the Homestuck music scene alongside us, you may recognize some favorites from SBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD, Heaven;Sent, and Vinculum Vitae, among others! These gigantic LOFAM releases aren't massive stars in an otherwise empty void, they're the culmination of the steady work of a vibrant community of dedicated musicians. And I think it proves the value of the wiki as a hub and resource, so YOU can know what's hippin' and happenin'!

While this probably only has novelty value for the next week or so, all this information about the album is being brought to you SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH ITS RELEASE? How cool is that?? (Don't answer that, I will get depressed.) Big ups to Makin, and the other managers of UMSPAF, for allowing me to check out the album, bother everyone nigh-constantly, and collate everything related to this monster release ahead of time.

Thank you for being one of the three, maybe four people that actually read these news posts. There is, as always, a detailed changelog, but not a lot to check out this time. There's a lot on the road ahead for us, that you will hopefully see soon!

- Niklink

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