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Land of Fans and Music 5 Act 2

carátula del álbum

carátula del álbum

Tags: LoFaM, Prospit y Derse

Carátula por Circlejourney ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube y Tumblr ).
Fondo por Circlejourney ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube y Tumblr ).
Arte de banner por Circlejourney ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube y Tumblr ) y Niklink (edits for wiki).
Lanzado el 16/9/2023.
Duración: ~6:13:42.

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Archivos adicionales: Album Booklet y Bandcamp Banner and Background
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Disc 1 (~1:42:44):
  1. (0:24) [S] DISC 1 ==> por Grace Medley
  3. (1:31) Moonlight Riders por John Tay
  4. (3:05) Sunslambo por nononimo
  5. (2:38) Duet por Tensei
  6. (2:38) Grave of the Fireflies por Rainy
  7. (3:44) Dictator por Thomas Ferkol
  8. (2:34) vriskafic8ion por Ash Taylor
  9. (4:24) Flight of the Meteor: Year 1 por Jebb
  10. (2:38) Across Time por Swagazaki
  11. (2:23) Slow Dancing in the Clockwork Hall por sunsprite
  12. (3:20) Fill 'em with Daylight (YD Club Mix) por yuuDii
  13. (3:14) Ruined Singularity por Cosmoptera
  14. (1:34) Virtua-Bounce por David Ko
  15. (2:43) Sburban Keygen (WORKING 2009 NO VIRUS) por tbyt
  16. (3:34) Everyone Here, Fine and Happy, Let's Eat Some Cake and Play a Song por sunsprite
  17. (3:53) The Final Spice is Cardamom for Apple Pie, Cloves for Pumpkins por subversiveasset
  18. (3:15) Ruination por Viceroy of Monte Cristo
  19. (3:23) Braiin Faiiliiure por yuuDii
  20. (1:44) Shire Strife por Alex Rosetti
  21. (0:57) Fright Rush por gh0stcr33p
  22. (3:06) Make Them Pay por Grace Medley
  24. (2:57) Lunar Solace por Monckat
  25. (1:23) Beckoning por bb-panzu
  26. (2:01) Yo Quiero la Homestuck por gabe's shady music shack
  27. (4:12) Fugalanthequins por Shwan
  28. (3:07) Cometfall por Cosmoptera
  29. (7:36) The Deceased Friends And Family por Tee-vee
  30. (3:31) Maybe it'll turn out better this time por Circlejourney
  31. (3:27) Lilith por Swagazaki
  32. (10:25) Stuck por Grace Medley, SplitSuns, WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES y Ucklin
  33. (2:53) Prologue por FrostyMac
Disc 2 (~1:57:12):
  1. (0:20) [S] DISC 2 ==> por Grace Medley
  2. (2:02) Symphony of Skaia por JulianMOCs
  3. (3:53) When the Curtains Part por Circlejourney
  4. (5:00) Grimnarc Voodoo por Swagazaki
  5. (2:47) Karkat Loses His Mind And Learns Holy C por Gryotharian
  6. (2:25) Acid Hive por Torrent 64
  7. (2:15) MnSttR por nononimo
  8. (4:55) Puppeteer por Thomas Ferkol
  9. (2:32) Grubheap por Spiny
  10. (2:59) Eternal Pulse por Jebb
  11. (4:14) RE:TCON (Act 2 RE:DUX) por Tee-vee
  12. (2:21) "Shred them to pieces" por Eternal Wonder
  13. (5:18) Crystalanachronysms por SolusLunes
  14. (3:02) The Oligarch por Swagazaki
  15. (4:36) Requiem for a Daybreaker por koba
  16. (2:49) Slick Tricks por Cosmoptera
  17. (3:42) Stepping Stones por Tycoon
  18. (3:26) Waltz in A Minor "Homestuck" (Op. 9) por casualclassical
  19. (2:22) Terminal Loop por Pax Probliscum
  20. (2:23) Switched-On Showtime por Not Eno
  21. (3:02) Chroma por Swagazaki y Chimune
  22. (2:37) Rage Against Existence por Cerulean
  23. (2:45) Caffeinated Jittering por Kanishka
  24. (1:39) Lost in the Dream Bubbles por Swagazaki
  25. (3:08) Flushing Pale por articulatelyComposed
  26. (4:55) Under A Starry Night Sky por monofe
  27. (7:52) Light in the Darkness por SplitSuns
  28. (4:04) Derse Dreamers II por horizon y LO,ON
  29. (5:52) Shattered Twilight por Elisa Flore
  30. (2:33) Dreams of a Better Future por Rainy
  31. (2:42) deadkidsGodhood por Pixels & Paradiddles, pixelseph y paradiddlesjosh
  32. (9:46) GALACTIC INCOHERENCE ~ Cosmic NaN Propagation por Cosmoptera
  33. (2:56) Yellow Yard por Soapstone
Disc 3 (~2:13:37):
  1. (0:31) [S] DISC 3 ==> por Grace Medley
  2. (4:13) Ace-celerando por Jebb
  3. (3:42) Delta Version por Rom M
  4. (3:15) Sunbumper por yuuDii
  5. (3:42) The Imminently Deceased por dron3canon
  6. (4:43) Dusksetter por Morris
  7. (5:19) Sburban Juxtaposition por horizon
  8. (3:18) I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (Special Soapstone Version) por Soapstone
  9. (3:29) Liquid Noir por yuuDii
  10. (2:57) Four Boys Blues por Funk McLovin
  11. (2:58) Celestial Company por corvidc0rvus
  12. (5:04) Moonslayer por Raid
  13. (4:52) Frost and Frogs por autumnalEquinox
  14. (2:21) dog por Gryotharian y Hart
  15. (2:41) Arf! por yoyoYolo
  16. (4:00) Frog Eater por Swagazaki
  17. (2:46) Movement por Morris
  18. (1:36) THE LAST HOUR por Ray Mike
  19. (4:38) All Work and No Play por Kanishka
  20. (3:22) [S] Emerge por Wr3ck0rdz
  21. (4:04) Adventurous Ascent por LudicrousFalcon
  22. (4:08) Ultramagnetoparakineticrystalphotogrammetry por Cosmoptera
  23. (2:23) Serendipitous Strife por Cecily Renns
  24. (3:24) Strident Sburban Serenata por Adrian "gravitygauntlet" Wahrer
  25. (3:41) Versus Oblivion por yuuDii
  26. (6:48) 'Til Death, We Grieve por Tee-vee
  27. (7:20) Lost Memories por ascendantDreamweaver
  28. (5:48) Clockstopper (New Game+ All Clocks%) por Pixels & Paradiddles, pixelseph y paradiddlesjosh
  29. (4:12) The Ballad of Moro and San por Grace Medley y Kal-la-kal-la
  30. (3:33) Penumbral Awakening por Morris
  31. (4:34) Dance of Storms por Tensei
  32. (4:30) Caliborn's Lament por Grace Medley
  33. (9:45) Stargazing with Gods por Joshua Gray
Bonus tracks (20:09):
  1. (20:09) Home / Stuck por Grace Medley, SplitSuns, WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES y Ucklin

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Album Booklet
Bandcamp Banner and Background

Comentario del artista:

Unofficial MSPA Fans:

(Album premiere stream w/ chat)

Grace Medley:

“This almost didn’t happen.”

The commentary booklet for Homestuck Vol. 10 kicks off with an anecdote opened by these four words. For LOFAM5A2, I'd like to put forth a similar sentiment:

I have no earthly idea how this happened.

I don't know if you people have checked your calendars lately, but Homestuck's final act released closer in time to its first page than to today. Even in light of everything to follow that, we're still sitting pretty on the short end of a few years' official material radio silence.

When the ball got rolling on this project, a lot of us didn't expect to get more than a few dozen tracks in the best of cases, and even then that we might have to rescind our "no 1:1 cover music" rule. In fact, this album is titled as it is because we anticipated this more or less being an expansion pack to the last one.

Then something mysterious happened, and I think the mystery of what it was is something I'll carry with me to the grave. LOFAM5A2 got BIG. I don't just mean it got to a formidable size, I mean it became SIX HOURS IN LENGTH, with ONE HUNDRED TRACKS, and what, to my knowledge, is the greatest contributor diversity in the history of Homestuck music. There are sixty-nine (nice) composers on this thing.

On this album, you're going to be hearing tracks you've been bumping since 2010-2011. You're going to be hearing tracks so new you don't even know their names yet. You're going to be hearing tracks by debuting fanmusicians, longtime veterans, the retiring, the retired, the persuaded-out-of-retirement, novel side-projects, ancient side-projects, at least one track by someone who's never even read the damn comic, and a lot more.

Needless to say, this compilation coming together is nothing short of a miracle. But more importantly, it's the combined labour of love of several dozen among the most talented audio and visual artists I've ever had the honour of calling my colleagues.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed working on it.


Thanks to Niklink for helping a lot with reference work (even combing through sheet music to catch more), and the HS Music Wiki for motivating that reference work. And, once again, Monckat saves the day with over 11 incredibly high quality track arts. Do we deserve him? Not really. Thank him by reading The Tapestry.


A huge thanks to fellow managers Grace, Makin and Ucklin. Organising this album truly felt like a team effort—everyone rose brilliantly to the task of wrangling ~twice as many participants and tracks as we expected. I couldn't ask for a better team.


I can ask for a better team, witness me: I want Toby Fox for LOFAM 6. I’m gonna make this happen, I swear it on PP’s name.


hi I'm tempest2k! I organized the metadata for this album download! if you are reading this it means you care enough about this music that I will take advantage of your interest by plugging my own stuff. mwahahaha! check out my comic

thank to everyone reading for caring so much about homestuck music. everyone who worked on this album should be incredibly proud to have been a part of something so magical.

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