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Albums created by the Homestuck fan community, released independently.

The fandom of Homestuck has been creating music since before Homestuck's own conception (yes, really!); originally sharing music around the (now-defunct) MSPA Forums via Tindeck (also defunct), learning musicians would practice their skills writing tunes and sharing them with community members. Andrew Hussie would call for contributors to an official soundtrack for the comic (which would, of course, set the stage for Homestuck's revered Flash animations); musicians would share their work, and the best were picked to join a group known as the Homestuck Music Team. And all the while, fans kept writing, collaborating, and sharing their own music.

The first album to find a distinctly unofficial album release was Homestuck for the Holidays; it was a Christmas-themed album put together by members of the Homestuck Music Team, released to a new Bandcamp, Homestuck Gaiden, on 25 December 2010. Half a year later, this would become the home for an altogether new idea, pioneered by Elaine Wang: the Homestuck fan-album.

(That story is really hers to tell, and that she did in the introduction to the Land of Fans and Music booklet. Give it a visit!)

With the ball now rolling, fan musicians were creating and collaborating more than ever before; now they weren't just making music for themselves and for each other, to be shared on only a single colossal forum thread - their music would have a home!

The community grew ever stronger and larger from there, and the albums below are just a portion of the result. With a fair amount of luck, this wiki has come to be a second home for the albums we share; we encourage you to explore: delve deep, find yourself lost, and discover something new!


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