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Appears in 23 cover arts.

Infinite Zest (Illust. Monckat)
Perfectly Generic Album (Illust. Cristata)

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bones (Illust. koykoy13, ackro, Scarodactyl)
Megalovania FUSION COLLABORATION the hit song by toby "dont call me radiation" fox off the hiveswap soundtrack ft silver gunner and james roach (Illust. ackro, Wights End, cookiefonster)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)
what redbone would sound like if michael bowman was explaining his credit score while spinning two fidget spinners in opposite hands, and sans and ness were battling outside the bathroom (Illust. yazshu)
.jpeg (Illust. Shadok, Hadron)
OFF course (Illust. Shadok)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)
Carne Vale Fusion Collab (Illust. XenoZane, Bambosh, Hadron, greenTetrahedron, koba, jakkyr, avocado, CreatorOfJanespeak)
Moshi Will Fight (Illust. avocado)
Basement Tale (Illust. olkiswerve)
Argia (Illust. VulkanShawl)
CaNWC Sound Test Vol.1: REVENGE OF THE GIIVASUNNER (Illust. Makin)
NuTshacKoVania (Illust. olkiswerve)
Black Showtime: Revelovania (Illust. VulkanShawl)
ruinds (with out strigns) (Illust. CogentInvalid)
Ke$haLoVania (Illust. yazshu)
[NSFW] Penumbra オーガズム:百万ドルリミックス( Gunshow Singalong )の小ローン (Illust. yazshu, dick2bombs, miraculousAvantgarde)
MeGaLoPaint (Illust. yazshu, Wights End)
MeGaWaltzeVania (Illust. Kusoro)
game hypothesis: what if sans was actually ness from earthbound created by toby fox (Illust. yazshu)
megalobelchia (fea.t live guitar battle!!!)! (Illust. Makin)
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