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Cover art by Shadok YouTube YouTube shadok__ Twitter shadok__ Instagram and Hadron hadronus SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hadronus Tumblr Hadronus Twitter Other (minor edits).
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: ~1:25:22.

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  1. (2:15) OFF course by Cecily Renns
  2. (1:24) Dave Story by Interrobang
  3. (0:36) jhon vs dabe by Griever
  4. (1:48) The Cult of Mods by Kusoro
  5. (3:35) No Fursuit, No Shoes, No Service by Pipko Fanfare and cookiefonster
  6. (2:16) [s) rose / jef: strife! by cookiefonster
  7. (1:22) HS and New by dbnet18
  8. (5:31) She's a D8ddy Lon8 L8gs by Mathias Ramalho
  9. (5:28) Roze's Theme (Chiptune Warrior) by Cecily Renns
  10. (0:33) Big Bad Beta Kids by Scarodactyl
  11. (1:23) Terminal by Grace Medley
  12. (0:44) ideal bodey by StarlightCalliope
  13. (3:12) Legend of Jhon: Breath of The Nacho by Nicholas Nakano
  15. (3:37) sweet gains and hellish jhon by Cerulean
  16. (3:47) weeb jhon: ascending friendzone by WarxTron
  17. (1:36) HarleSmash by pizzagremlin
  18. (3:19) You Killed My Father (Prepare to Die Edition) by Mathias Ramalho
  19. (1:07) HECK. by Minkt
  20. (3:41) These Nanchos by Squarewave
  21. (4:16) How Jack And Calliope Ran Away From An Imaginary Planet Together While Arguing About Whether It Really Did Exist Or Not by Kal-la-kal-la
  22. (2:14) The Art of Stealing Faces by Isoleucine
  23. (2:05) Shoplifting from the Beast by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  24. (0:42) Momi vs by Isabella James
  25. (4:05) Collision Course (Davepeta's Movement) by SplitSuns
  26. (1:06) nude battle by isy
  27. (1:11) Crash Course in Creativity by ostrichlittledungeon
  28. (1:52) Horschestra (Horse of Time Verison) by Isabella James
  29. (3:04) swet bro rebibal by Wheals
  30. (2:00) Ultimate Hope by BitesizeBird
  31. (5:10) licord eternity by Cecily Renns
  32. (3:48) Event Horizon / Barium Starlight by Grace Medley
  33. (3:41) Thank You For Playing by Pipko Fanfare

Added to wiki 9/16/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

.jpeg is a concept album: the team's artists draw some art and the musicians have to make music based around that art, instead of the usual other way around.

7.20 teraflops of leitmotifs, only on .jpeg

(.jpeg trailer)

yazshu: (Organizer)

Hello cool and new fans, its ya boy yazshu here, with an introduction to this album. this album has been in development hell for a pretty long time, and around after the release of bowmania or vol 8, i forget which, we really stepped up production of this with nights and i at the helm. the way this album works by instead of having the track art reflect the music, the music reflects the track art. we started out with our very talented and also our shitposting motherfuckers making a ton of art, which then got cut down to these (and one or two others that didn't get music made for them, one of which being a nutshack track which will be very sadly missed). after the track art was judged, we allowed musicians to pick art and compose a song for them. we have some of our best arts in this album, with sozzay, shadok, william, scarodactyl, twinbuilder, and a ton others highlighting how good our art team really is. nights and i really love this album and all the hard work everyone put into it, and we're really glad for it to finally see the light of day after all this time. Also read my webcomic

nights: (Organizer)

I love each and every single contributer to this album, as well as every singleperson in the stream. Please read oceanfalls.

Interrobang: (Booklet Boy)

My customary end-of-booklet commentary goes at the front this time. This ended up a great album and I'm really glad we finally got it released. My one regret is not having a fanventure to shill in this front section.

Cecily Renns: (Album Masterer)

can i say A Thing

Cecily Renns: (Mastetere of Album)

yes i could say A Thing

Shadok: (Cover Artist)

try to guess all the characters!!!!!! (there's 32 or 33 characters i think)


(Community listening stream w/ chat)

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