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OFF course

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By Cecily Renns johnjrenns Bandcamp user-621444340 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube CecilyRenns Twitter johnjrenns Twitter CecilyRenns Patreon.
Cover art by Shadok YouTube YouTube shadok__ Twitter shadok__ Instagram.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 2:15.

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Tracks that OFF course references:

Tracks that OFF course samples:

Artist commentary:

Shadok: (Artist)

try to guess all the characters!!!!!! (there's 32 or 33 characters i think)

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

"i made this before we decided thisll be the album art, its pretty cool and new, the song, but i made it like a year ago when wano was still ""relevant""

also, go play OFF, its like one of those 40s black and white arty french films written by shigesato itoi's incomprehensible cousin, and the soundtrack is noise music orchestrated by bach (except for the song called ""Magic pipe"", i think i made that song actually)"

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