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Autumn Every Day

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track cover

By Jamie Paige ( External ( , Bandcamp , Twitter , SoundCloud ).
Released 9/22/2017.
Duration: 5:20.

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There's not a care in the world when I am here
A precious secret only for your ears
You'll know it when you begin to see
The leaves and grass are losing all their green
(And then you'll hear it)

Roaring silence as the song begins
Blazing starlight when the drums come in

Here it's autumn every day!

There's not a thing that can get to us in here
Oasis as the equinox draws near
(And then you'll hear it)

Luminescence is surrounding me
Light the world and let your worries free

Here it's autumn every day!

Sometimes I'm still afraid of you (I'm losing you)
As leaves touch ground, my heart is turning blue (My heart turns blue)
September comes, I'm all alone (It's all my own)
But maybe theres my winter still unknown (The great unknown)

I guess that we'll just have to see

Here it's autumn every day!

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