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By Mark J. Hadley parsecproductions Bandcamp YouTube YouTube AgentParsec Twitter agentparsec Tumblr
Released 6/13/2018.
Duration: 6:06.

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Also released as:

  • (2/16/2020; about 1 year, 8 months later) Bane (Paths)

Tracks that Bane references:

Artist commentary:

Mark J. Hadley: (YouTube)

This one goes back a long ways. I wrote the first version of Bane back in 2001, originally envisioned as a final boss fight. I really liked the theme, so I made different versions of it over the years, although the last version I did was about 13 years ago in 2005. Several times I considered making a new version of it for Homestuck, but I always hesitated. I finally decided to go for it, since this was my last chance.

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