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Infinity's Lament

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By Veritas Unae veritasunae Bandcamp veritasunae SoundCloud.
Released 6/13/2018.
Duration: 6:39.

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Tracks that Infinity's Lament references:

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Marcy Nabors: (Tumblr)

(casual sunday question regarding P[S]) if you don't mind me (casual sunday question) okay so, in Veritas' preview video for P[S], "P[S] - Album Preview" and in the description for the video, Circlejourney has mixing credit "mixing by Circlejourney" for Veritas' track, Infinity's Lament that is nowhere to be found on the P[S] bandcamp page for the track or the included booklet; was this an error, and/or an overlooked detail? hopefully I don't sound too rude - Lilith

Hi! I ran it by Veri and he found that funny given that Circlejourney made the booklet themself. I’ve confirmed that Circlejourney did in fact help work on the song, so I’d say it’s probably either an overlooked detail, or something Cj themself decided wasn’t worth including. Unfortunately the particulars are lost to my personal memory, but thank you for reaching out!

Circlejourney: (mixing / production, HSMusic Discord)

forgive me but I am a little amused (meant in the kindest way possible) that y'all ended up going to go these lengths to find this out, because I would happily have told you that I did produce Infinity's Lament and I have the stems to prove it, hahaha

the reason I left it out is because I made the booklet and felt it might be too self indulgent to credit myself. but I should probably just have asked if they wanted to credit me

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