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By Michael Guy Bowman ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ).
Cover art by Tavia Morra ( Tumblr , Twitter , External ( ) and Richard Gung.
Released 5/31/2011.
Duration: 5:01.

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Tracks that reference Fly:

From Fandom:


Fly fly fly whatcha say
Whatcha gonna do
Change your ways change your life
Change your point of view
Been so long since your feet
Felt the open air
So far back down the line
Were you even there?

It's so cold the rain blows in your eyes
It's so cold the days go flashing by
It's so cold you've lost all track of time
It's so cold you turn back into slime

Dream dream dream dream your life
Make it up from scratch
In your dream you're the star
It's you who makes that catch
Can't hold on, cannot grope
Your fingers will not clasp
Measurements fall apart
The tools you cannot grasp

It's insane you must be high on pot
It's insane the air this man has got
It's insane the stuff you must be on
It's insane you wake up and it's gone

And you're on your way to work
And you still can't work it out
And you can't recall the details
Or what it was about
So you read a bunch of websites
And you study archetypes
But you throw away the answers
'Cause it's all a bunch of hype

And you're on your way of work
But you just can't work it out
And you can't recall the details
Or what it was about
So you hustle through your morning
And you waste your afternoon
And at night you still are wondering
If you'll dream again so soon
And you lay awake and wonder
And you never get your sleep
'Cause you're still waiting for the answers
But you never hear a peep
And you die alone and angry
And you're wrapped up in a shroud
And the world's far below you
And your feet are in the clouds

Artist commentary:

Tavia Morra:

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