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Tags: Jhon

By ostrichlittledungeon ( Bandcamp ).
Cover art by yazshu ( Twitter , Tumblr , YouTube ).
Released 1/20/2017.
Duration: 3:07.

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Tracks that Intro references:

Tracks that reference Intro:

From Fandom:


(The year is 2020. President Trump has led our nation into one of the worst econonic recessions in the history of the Earth. Imigrants are pouring through the southern border. Just look at that chaos! If you thought the econony was bad with Obana in charge, think again! And not only has Trump destroyed the country, but he's running for re-election! His challenger? Representative Cory Booker from New Jersey. It's up to the intrepid Jhon Ebgret to make his way to the White House and assassinate the president, evil Trump, so that he can finally have Cory in the House! Is he a bad enough dude to off the President of the United States himself? Don't turn that dial! It's... CANWAVE TWOOOOOO!)

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