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By SplitSuns splitsuns SoundCloud.
Cover art by SplitSuns splitsuns SoundCloud.
Released 3/25/2018.
Duration: 7:45.

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...When the hell did I get 100 followers?? I give my thanks to all of you for listening to my shitty music, haha.

This is one of my tracks for the CaNMT's almost-vaporware all-vaporwave album, CANWAVE 3. In its current iteration it's a take on 2814's sample-free approach to the vapor aesthetic through ambient and techno albums such as 新しい日の誕生 and Rain Temple. It's one of my most complex songs yet and it took a lot of work to make, but the end result is something very awe-inspiring, even to me.

(Originally this song was a straight-up cover of Voidlight that was much more laid-back and repetitive, but I scrapped it in favor of this version. Maybe I'll upload that old version somewhere along the line.)

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