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Λ Ғ ߠ Є Ԗ Ը ا िƎ

track cover

By Kal-la-kal-la kal-la-kal-la SoundCloud kal-la-kal-la Tumblr kal_la_kal_la Twitter Other.
Cover art by Cosmere64.
Released 3/25/2018.
Duration: 5:33.

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Tracks that Λ Ғ ߠ Є Ԗ Ը ا िƎ references:

Tracks that Λ Ғ ߠ Є Ԗ Ը ا िƎ samples:


(O child of noble family, listen without distraction. On the tenth day the blood drinking manifestation of the Ratna family, called Blessed Ratna-Heruka, will appear before you from the southern quarter of your brain)

(His body is dark yellow in color, with three heads, six arms, and four legs spread wide apart; the right face is white, the left one red, and the center one blazing dark yellow; his six hands hold a jewel in the first on the right, a trident bearing three human heads in the middle, and a club in the last, a bell in the first on the left, a skull-cup in the middle, and a trident in the last)

(His consort Padma Krodheshvari embraces his body, with her right hand clasped around his neck and her left hand holding a skull full of blood to his mouth)

(Do not be afraid of him, do not be terrified, do not be bewildered, recognize him as the form of your own mind)

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