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~~ GARBAGE ~~ 「 総たわごと 」~~ ultimate fakeout~~

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By ft-rj ft-rj Bandcamp ft__rj Twitter ft-rj Tumblr.
Cover art by ackro and Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr.
Released 3/25/2018.
Duration: 4:02.

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Tracks that ~~ GARBAGE ~~ 「 総たわごと 」~~ ultimate fakeout~~ references:

Tracks that ~~ GARBAGE ~~ 「 総たわごと 」~~ ultimate fakeout~~ samples:


Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Magnetic force!
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Nature's force!

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Too fast for that
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Now there's a pretty meme

Raiden: Envy, greed
Raiden: How about full of shit?
Raiden: Despair, memes
Raiden: Is that a meme?

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: That's game over
Raiden: Despair, memes

[kick, snare from I absolutely loathe this Drummer. set to the beat of Carne Vale]

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