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The Hyaline

track cover

track cover

Tags: LoDaG, Feferi

By Circlejourney ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Tumblr , Twitter ) .
Cover art by allyssinian ( Tumblr ) .
Released 12/8/2017.
Duration: 4:13.

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Tracks that The Hyaline references:

Artist commentary:


I started creating The Hyaline in March 2017. At the point when I was deliberating over which land to make a track for, I'd already composed music for both Meenah and the Condesce, and I thought it'd be cool to complete the fuchsia troll set.

For me, oceanic (or more generally watery) scenes bring to mind a classic piano + string ensemble setup, with the strings laying down a serene backdrop and the piano's broken chords calling to mind the refraction of light through waves. I had a flute play the melody becaus I relate flutes to glass (y'know, wine flutes...) and also because they're fantastic at carrying slow melodies over more hectic instrumentation.

This piece was a real pleasure to compose; it came very naturally and took me about three days in total. Back when Ver iwas still planning on doing a dream bubble medley to close the album, he asked that we give our tracks distinct melodies, and I promised that mine would be heartbreakingly beautiful; I'm not sure I delivered on that promise but I do think it sounds pretty sweet at least.

As for the title, "hyaline" has two meanings - "resembling glass" and "clear sky/sea" - in other worsd, the perfect fit for Feferi's aquarium-themed land. It's also a fairly simple but uncommon word that I figure would make it easy to remember.


I wanted to show off the feel and personality that Feferi and her planet share, to go with the light music. In particular I wanted to reference 'Sing Sweet Nightingale' from Disney's Cinderlla, to reflect the watery, bubbly, dreamy feel of Feferi's planet.

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