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track cover

Tags: LoMaT, Denizens

By psithurist ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Jas ( Tumblr ).
Released 12/8/2017.
Duration: 4:25.

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Tracks that Acquiesce references:


what's in the water
whose voice in the waves
they cry for their daughter
the siren of rays

on battered rocks
follow the compass

these high tides are heartless
and taller than gods
and when comes the darkness
you'll be lost to the flood

x marks the spot
right through the iris

Artist commentary:


Originally I was aiming for a sea shanty, with an accordian and a more upbeat vibe, but I really wanted to play up the feelings of desolation and loneliness that all the Homestuck lands present. I guess the pirate influence comes through in this too, though, as they're not without their fair share of ghostly myths and tales, which I tried to express with eerie lyrics and lots of reverb, like you're standing in a big spooky cave or something. Also, it's kind of funky for some reason? Thanks to the managers for being patient with me on this one and Courtney Valentine for naming it love you all mwah


In the waves of LOMAT Cetus lurks awaiting the child of light.

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