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Through the Seventh Gate ~Land of Wind and Shade~

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By Catboss catboss Bandcamp catbossstudio SoundCloud.
Cover art by Homestuck.
Released 4/21/2012.
Duration: 4:33.

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Artist commentary:


(original commentary)

Through the Seventh Gate Land of Wind and Shade" is a song that contains many things that I am a complete sucker for. Soaring string melodies? Check. Piano solo with lots of reverb? Check. Chorus? (I know it's synthesized eh who cares) Check. Running notes, lots of them? Check. Dramatic piano octaves? Check. Mash them all together with a bunch of windy sounds and you get this.

One odd thing though is I'm using a Battery preset meant for dance songs. I, uh

don't actually like dance that much

so it's a bit of an oddity that I actually use it a lot.

I guess you would describe this song as a weird mishmash of dance-electronic-orchestral stuff.

Which is cool. I think I would quite like that, actually. I would definitely like to fiddle around more with electronic stuff though

Also, I find that this song is weak in the bass, which isn't really a weakness for this particular song but is more one of my weaknesses in general. So yes note to self: improve.

That's enough ramblin' from me.

(commentary redux)

The Heir of Breath enters the Tower of the Tempest...

Although many seem to prefer Land of Frost and Frogs more, this is my personal favorite from the set. For one, it strays furthest from the source material. For another, I experimented much more heavily with dynamic changes in this song, and I'm honestly quite happy with the outcome!

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