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cool and new volume 2

album cover

Cover art by miraculousAvantgarde and Makin.
Released 7/20/2016.
Duration: ~2:03:23.

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  1. (2:18) Autonomonasty Senserational Meridisick Repose by Bin and Gordian
  2. (1:26) Terexi by Cerulean
  3. (2:03) Verr Dancy by Noisemaker
  4. (1:17) Moonroller by Ngame
  5. (1:00) Tick by Discfortune
  6. (1:19) Tycoonlight Sonata by Interrobang
  7. (5:42) There's a Balcony by ostrichlittledungeon
  8. (2:16) Feel (Good) by Makin
  9. (2:17) MeGaWaltzeVania by Kusoro
  10. (3:10) Learn with Caliborn: Typing Adventure by koba
  11. (1:46) Bleep (Extended Edition) by Interrobang
  12. (1:35) Misery Loves Company by Wights End
  13. (0:48) Mayonnaise Serenaydornot by Bin
  14. (3:01) Fake Fruit Fiesta by Noisemaker
  15. (3:26) profesionalsism by Gordian
  16. (1:04) jhon: rid roler costr by Kusoro
  17. (2:34) dω/dt < 0 by Interrobang
  18. (0:02) good remix of a homestuck song by Discfortune
  19. (0:05) Picture This by Discfortune
  20. (2:56) Unite Synchronization (Unused Vocal Version) by Wheals
  21. (1:59) Atomek Beatcendpyre Melodie by Wights End
  22. (2:40) Err on Greif (acoostic Covre) by Wights End, Wheals, and Pipko Fanfare
  23. (2:00) Let the Kiddles Sleep by BitesizeBird
  24. (1:39) Bg'ogublgog'ybulsprite by Kusoro
  25. (3:36) /r/homestuck sing "How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box Version)" by BitesizeBird
  26. (0:36) Michael Bowman Remix (Est. 2006) by Bin
  27. (1:12) Lord Spanish by Discfortune
  28. (3:20) Quantum Reversal by ostrichlittledungeon
  29. (4:04) 3:00 AM by BitesizeBird
  30. (7:20) a e s t h e t i c a d e by Kusoro
  31. (2:37) Sungetter V2 (Another Megalo Strike Back Remix) by Cecily Renns
  32. (1:30) game hypothesis: what if sans was actually ness from earthbound created by toby fox by yazshu
  33. (2:26) MoonBetter by flamingfusion
  34. (1:41) ridaculously ilegel by Makin
  35. (1:29) MegaloWAHnia by sunil_b
  36. (1:58) Patient (Toby Breaks My Bones, Killing Me Instantly Mix) by Hadron
  37. (1:02) don't hug me i'm flared by Niklink
  38. (1:32) megaloh fuck it by CogentInvalid
  39. (4:22) You Killed John Santa (Prepare to Die) by Minish
  40. (2:07) I Can Barely Rub Juice In This Casino by Wheals
  41. (2:18) Germyquin by MoreEpicThanYou747
  42. (4:13) Saltish by Hadron
  43. (0:50) are you next (umm strief maybe?) by gnashingGanglion
  44. (0:39) jhon and dabe at gamebro games by Minkt
  45. (7:20) i am sitting in a piano by tegusoft
  46. (1:39) A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-I-O-N by Tetroxideo
  47. (4:08) MiRaClEs (not mIrAcLeS!) by cookiefonster
  48. (3:01) moonflopper by tegusoft
  49. (0:16) interducing..... her royal high ness,, jaed hardly by Discfortune
  50. (5:15) !!~~~ the will to figt ~~~!! by MrCheeze
  51. (1:51) Divine Justice: Overload by Cerulean
  52. (2:38) ==> by Pipko Fanfare

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

i'ts album fro cool and new web comic................................................agian!?!

its the 2th one


sometimes you need to sacrifice meme numbers for bigger and better things


Some of the stuff on this album is seriously some of the best music I've listened to, And I'm not talking about the shitpost tracks.


It was pretty hard sitting around doing nothing as the Art Manager. I had some coke (not the drink) and a can of pringles, but that still didn't satisfy my curiosity. Also, I'm currently eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. It's not great, but it's not terrible. I'd rate it somewhere between 4/50 and 8/50. Speaking of which, this message has been brought to you by Kellog's Fruity Pebbles. When you eat Kellog's Fruity Pebbles every morning, you'll feel like you want to start a bloody war and build a pebble nation!


I'm just pointing out that this whole 50+ track album came out two and a half weeks after our previous 50+ track album.




(Community listening stream w/ chat)


who am i kidding meme numbers are great

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