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cool and new volume II

album cover

Cover art by Makin (Kraket), yazshu metalscissor Twitter yazshu Tumblr YouTube YouTube (Terexi), Bambosh bamboshu Twitter (Gametez), koba kobacat Bandcamp kensabrush SoundCloud Spotify Spotify kensabrush Twitter YouTube YouTube kobacat Tumblr Other (Jaed), BitesizeBird (Equihorse), Discfortune discfortune Bandcamp discfortune SoundCloud Discfortune Twitter (Germysprite), Cloudaria (Dabe), miraculousAvantgarde (Jhon), Noisemaker noisemaster Bandcamp baseline7 SoundCloud (Femorafreack), Pipko Fanfare Other pipko Bandcamp YouTube YouTube FanfarePipko Twitter (Dadd), and Hadron hadronus SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hadronus Tumblr Hadronus Twitter Other (editing Rose and Kanaya).
Released 7/20/2016.
Duration: ~1:52:27.

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  1. (1:00) HECKA JEF SONB by o
  2. (4:04) Fruity Pebbles Redux by ostrichlittledungeon
  3. (1:21) daet with roze by Tensei
  4. (1:04) english (epic string cover) by Putnam
  5. (1:00) Tock by Discfortune
  6. (1:58) Beatdown XD LOL!!! by samuel
  7. (1:51) gNARLY solbos dude by Noisemaker
  8. (2:30) BeatSlide XD by Cerulean
  9. (2:49) Jack's Last 「Stand」 by Griever
  10. (0:56) femorafreack: invesetigat by Kusoro
  11. (3:08) Bowman Remix DX by Noisemaker
  12. (1:51) the 2econd 2 la2t frontiiiiiiier by Makin
  13. (1:44) Chalk Emerald by Kusoro
  14. (2:04) revengn by Kusoro
  15. (2:04) Vagabone by Discfortune
  16. (1:42) you godda be kideney (endoctorine mix) by Bin
  17. (2:18) Even In Space by Rom M
  18. (2:51) Same Medium by Cecily Renns
  19. (1:04) please kill me. by yazshu
  20. (1:26) C R Y S T A L S by Interrobang
  21. (2:18) Penumbra Phanteaseum by Interrobang
  22. (6:10) Corrupted Conquest by Rom M
  23. (0:53) Bloodletter (Halloween Playlist Edition) by Bin
  24. (1:08) Conflict? by Discfortune
  25. (4:13) 25x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Memeless) by Discfortune
  26. (1:25) Midnightcore Crew by Kusoro
  27. (3:54) Bowmanquest by cookiefonster
  28. (2:47) MeGaBrOvania by Wheals
  29. (2:16) deeeeeeeennnnnnnniiiiiiiizzzzzzzzeeeeeeeennnnnnnn by BitesizeBird
  30. (4:12) the march of jaed by cookiefonster
  31. (1:50) MeGaLoPaint by Wights End
  32. (1:31) End of the world by Cerulean
  33. (1:24) Hauntjello by samuel
  34. (1:55) sbruban trian by Gordian
  35. (7:08) Eternity Served Eternally by Wights End
  36. (3:33) The Ultimate Brodown by MoreEpicThanYou747
  37. (1:01) Momi + Jhon Slopy MAKOUTS by Ngame
  38. (1:12) ((S) Dabe: Acellerate by MrCheeze
  39. (2:01) Dragon Clock by ostrichlittledungeon
  40. (4:13) cool and new web comic: morse code edition by BitesizeBird
  41. (2:22) the not-even-pretending-to-be-about-CANWC-anymore-song (unwillingly featuring dagwooddeluxe swifterjack and tirantbacon) by MrCheeze
  42. (3:20) Quantum Breakdown by ostrichlittledungeon
  43. (0:57) Theory Proposal: NESS is actually INVERTED?! by MrCheeze
  44. (1:10) Lord Spanish 8-bit by cookiefonster and Kusoro
  45. (2:14) That guy from the comic by Rom M
  46. (2:43) troleplanet by flagellumVagueness
  47. (2:34) With Grief To A World by Cecily Renns
  48. (0:43) holy shit 100 songs: a message from Daniel by BitesizeBird
  49. (2:26) Eternity Served Ten Degrees Celcius by Cerulean and MrCheeze
  50. (0:09) dull by Kusoro

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Cool and New Music Team:

i'ts album fro cool and new web comic

its the IIth one


Having spent hours and hours mastering these two albums, I've been able to listen to every single track and appreciate all 102 of them. Not that I particularly appreciated every single one. In any case, I'd like to thank each and every music team member who contributed to this release as well as every art team member who provided the brilliantly done artwork found throughout both albums. Special thanks to o, once again, for writing the comic that has inspired us all. I'm glad to be part of an effort to keep a dying webcomic alive through a tradition of music, artwork, and most importantly of all, friendship and community. Thank you for downloading this album. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you and everyone else who hit that button on either bandcamp or


I'm just pointing out that this whole 50 track album came out two and a half hours after our previous 50+ track album.


(cool and new direct 7.20.16)


(Community listening stream w/ chat)

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