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cool and new voulem.1

album cover

Cover art by miraculousAvantgarde.
Banner art by Niklink.
Released 7/2/2016.
Duration: ~2:15:38.

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  1. (3:05) Cascante by Noisemaker
  2. (0:56) Harlecoaster by Ngame
  3. (1:29) FLARERERERERERERE by Niklink
  4. (3:32) Showtime (piano a fine) by Wheals
  5. (1:42) Spacesplore by ostrichlittledungeon
  6. (1:42) justice must be a serve by Makin
  7. (7:20) Three in the Morning (4 1/3 Hours Late Remix) by Ngame
  8. (2:14) licord nacrasty by koba
  9. (2:07) Archagent Everlasting by Cecily Renns
  10. (1:07) X - V A P O R - R O M by Minish
  11. (0:34) Penumbra Phat by Putnam
  12. (2:18) MoonShitter by Interrobang
  13. (1:28) JHON: RICE by Hadron
  14. (1:00) sonflapper by Peachy Peter
  15. (2:16) turnways lurker by ostrichlittledungeon
  16. (1:27) Anthem by No Funny Name
  17. (3:58) Three in the Medley by Interrobang
  18. (2:12) Unity of Thorns by Cecily Renns
  19. (1:53) Hankage Fantazumu by Difarem
  20. (7:20) i am sititng in a buttock by MrCheeze
  21. (2:35) can you give me a HAND by Pipko Fanfare
  22. (1:44) Usurp by flagellumVagueness
  23. (2:28) a color this shirt also comes in by Noisemaker
  24. (1:05) fun cat song :3 :3 by Cecily Renns
  25. (2:26) Completely Delusional by Pipko Fanfare
  26. (3:47) upp word(s) movmeant (Fanon Edit) by koba
  28. (2:48) rolercoasteng in SPACE!??!?? by o
  29. (3:44) ScArY roller coasteds!! by o
  30. (0:39) suburbon contdon by Minish
  31. (2:04) upways moving [jhon own dabe] by Pipko Fanfare
  32. (3:12) megalobelchia (fea.t live guitar battle!!!)! by Peachy Petey
  33. (4:49) rekiuem fro kraket by Minish
  34. (10:25) lame and old webcomic voluem 10 (MEGA MILX) by Niklink
  35. (2:44) dono't dsiturmpt plsthx by Peachy Petey
  36. (2:08) you are a furry by Pipko Fanfare
  37. (0:56) Tycoontime by Ngame
  38. (0:58) ultimite fite!!! by MrCheeze
  39. (3:23) Tycoon by Noisemaker
  40. (1:50) Doctoral Degree by Difarem
  41. (2:07) V A P O R S T U C K by Avianzo
  42. (1:58) kis da boy #<3 #<3 #otp #aaAAAAAA #OMFG #!!! by Wheals
  43. (2:37) The beginning of... something by No Funny Name
  44. (3:23) P E N U M B R A by TirantBacon
  45. (2:25) Before. by Hadron
  46. (2:50) BLAPCK by Monifate and Frikiman
  47. (1:18) xistmas soong by Monifate
  48. (3:26) SpaceBro by Minish
  49. (4:13) 25x SHOWDOWN COMBO by Discfortune
  50. (2:03) ~~~~ figting spirit ~~~~ by MrCheeze
  51. (2:28) go down (Fanon Cut) by Difarem
  52. (2:24) Cool and New Web Comic by Cecily Renns

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

i'ts album fro cool and new web comic

its the 1th one


There's so much to be said about the absurd trajectory of the Cool and New Music Team, but I'll try to keep it short.

After the release of the incredible Homestuck Vol. 10, which was a sort of epitaph to the official music team, a Q&A stream was held with the musicians. There was a bittersweet tinge to it, not just because of Homestuck's recent ending, but because they reflected on their artistic trajectories and how they had been musical amateurs that had been able to refine and hone their skill through the comic's run. To me at least they had always felt like inimitable performers, even if I'd always aspired to be as good as them or as the high-quality fan music that was being made at the time. But their encouraging talk about how they had progressed as artists over the years led to an idea formed right there, in the livestream chat. Why not make our own music team?

A music team on our own terms, expressly as a practice vehicle, to create and release music without a care in the world as to whether it was good or bad or terrible? No shame, no hesitation, just for the hell of making Homestuck fanmusic, and maybe improving along the way. Cool and New Web Comic's popular but low-quality presentation was a natural fit. And the response was massive. It turned out many people felt the same way, or simply wanted to see what all the noise was about.

Only two weeks later, the newly-created Cool and New Music Team released a 50-track album. This is that album.


(Community listening stream w/ chat)

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