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By Jamie Paige Other jamiepaige Bandcamp jamieirl SoundCloud JamiePaigeIRL YouTube Spotify Spotify pamiejaige Twitter paisleypudge Twitter paisleypudge Tumblr and Drainpuppet drainpuppet Bandcamp.
Cover art by Bluffy savecomplete Tumblr save_complete Twitter HYPERLlGHT Twitter savecomplete Cohost savecomplete Ko-fi.
Released 11/26/2018.
Duration: ~9:40.

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  1. (4:24) Destiny
  2. (5:16) Destiny (Marcy Nabors Remix) by Marcy Nabors

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Jamie Paige:

The diary of a small town innkeeper.

Music and lyrics by Jamie Paige and Drainpuppet
Mastered and remixed by Marcy Nabors
Track art by Bluffy

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