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Homestuck Vol. 10

album cover

Cover art by Lexxy lexxercise Tumblr Lexxercise Twitter
Released 6/12/2016.
Duration: ~1:51:49.

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  1. (8:12) Creata by Seth Peelle
  2. (1:33) Train by Buzinkai
  3. (4:13) Of Gods and Witches by Tensei
  4. (5:11) Beatup by Clark Powell and Riki Tsuji
  5. (4:22) You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die) by Team Dogfight
  6. (3:26) Sound Judgement by Malcolm Brown
  7. (3:41) Aggrievocation by Mark J. Hadley
  8. (3:26) Stride by Kalibration
  9. (2:27) Skaian Overdrive by Thomas Ferkol
  10. (4:13) Freefall by Robert J! Lake
  11. (7:57) Moonsweater by David Ellis
  12. (1:13) Castle by Buzinkai
  13. (2:06) Skaian Happy Flight by Seth Peelle
  14. (3:14) Voidlight by Thomas Ferkol
  15. (4:13) Beatdown DX by Curt Blakeslee
  16. (5:06) Solar Voyage by Marcy Nabors
  17. (3:14) Feel (Alive) by Luke Benjamins and Robert J! Lake
  18. (5:16) Breeze by Erik Scheele
  19. (4:13) Starfall by Solatrus
  20. (6:12) Ascend by Tensei
  21. (3:51) Lilith in Starlight by Malcolm Brown
  22. (3:31) Thanks for Playing by Max Wright
  23. (9:10) Renewed Return by Marcy Nabors
  24. (4:02) THIS Pumpkin by Alex Rosetti
  25. (7:47) Conclude by Seth Peelle

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post)

The final Homestuck album Volume 10 has been released. More fantastic music by many familiar names who have contributed to the comic over the years. Thanks to all who came together to make this. It's a great way to cap off an impressive discography, now standing at 27 albums.

Since 4/13 I have been preoccupied with a wide variety of projects. Some are related to Homestuck, some are not. And yet others are not so easy to categorize. I have kept busy, and do not feel there is much to report yet. But there probably will be over the next couple of months. Stay tuned, and please enjoy listening to some very good songs.

Robert J! Lake: (project manager, booklet commentary)


This almost didn't happen.

As of release day, it's been exactly four full years since the last numbered Homestuck volume, with only one full album between then and now.

In fact, it's now actually been a longer time since the last numbered Homestuck volume than the time between Homestuck beginning and it coming out. That's crazy, right?

Can you believe there was a time when Homestuck albums were coming out every month?

Volume 10's been an open question since the moment Volume 9 got released. Every few months, the music team would talk about it, maybe float a song or two for it, then nothing. Which, you know. Process. Life happens. A lot of us went to college, maybe lost interest, moved on to making smash hit games, what have you. We splintered. Fans wondered if it'd ever happen. I've gotten messages about it basically ad infinitum over the past four years, and it's not helped by one-off mentions here and there teasing it endlessly.

People want to know what's up!

Well, finally, here it is. If Volume 9 is the culmination of over three years of musical evolution and growth for its musicians, Volume 10 is the reunion tour. For those of us returning, its our chance to show how much better we got while we were gone (I think you'll agree we've improved quite a bit).

As for the new faces, I think their work speaks for itself.

This isn't only the tightest, most consistent, most listenable numbered volume we've done, it's the one we've put the most love into.

I hope you enjoy what I've spent the past few months wrangling together with some of the most talented people I know.

I present the final Homestuck Volume.


Marcy Nabors: (co-organizer, mastering engineer)

Homestuck Volume 10, the big 1-0!

I can only begin to describe what a personally significant moment it is to be releasing this album. Homestuck has been huge for me; the enthusiastic community and the countless friends it's helped me to meet, the sprawling fantastical expanse that is the comic itself, and perhaps most notably, the outrageous wealth of great music.

Almost six years ago, the Homestuck discography served as the push I needed to realize that I could chase my dreams in the world of independent music, and today I'm proud to call many of these immeasurably talented musicians some of my closest friends.

Putting this album together has been an absolute pleasure, and I think it's a fitting conclusion to this seven-year-long tradition of incredible creativity.

Enjoy the tunes!

Lexxy: (cover artist)

Homestuck will always hold a warm, nostalgic place in my heart, so despite drafting up a handful of concepts - from the graphic and representational to the tongue-in-cheek referential - I ultimately ended up going with the one that expressed that affection the most.

Robert J! Lake: (booklet commentary - back)


Seth "Beatfox" Peelle
George Buzinkai
Clark Powell
Riki Tsuji
Willow Ascenzo
David "Dirtiest" Dycus
Ian White
Noel Sadwin
Malcolm Brown
Toby Fox
Mark Hadley
Thomas Ferkol
Andrew Huo
Robert J! Lake
David Ellis
Malik Refaat
Curt Blakeslee
Marcy Nabors
Michael Guy Bowman
Erik Scheele
Paul Henderson
Jamie Paige
Justin Hellier
Max Wright
Kyle G. Jamolin
Ciaran Cain
Zeynep Dilli
Kat Jamolin
Michael Ohr
Corbin Pangilinan
Robin S
Chris Roper
Stephen "Jeebes" Wiley
Alex Rosetti
PJ Tush
Kate Holden
Shan Murphy
Mika B.
Sera B.
Rachel Lundin
Seth Massey
Nico J. Dolloso
David Litt
Kiko B.
Alyssa Lee Dalangin
Mira W.
Richard Gung
James Roach
Andrew Hussie
... and you!

Without all of you, this wouldn't be possible.
Album managed by Robert J! Lake with help from Marcy Nabors and James Roach.
Booklet designed and assembled by Robert J! Lake.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Seth "Beatfox” Peelle
George Buzinkai
Clark Powell
Riki Tsuji
Yishan Mai
Willow Ascenzo
David "Dirtiest" Dycus
Malcolm Brown
Toby Fox
Mark Hadley
Thomas Ferkol
Andrew Huo
Robert J! Lake
David Ellis
Curt Blakeslee
Marcy Nabors
Michael Guy Bowman
Erik Scheele
Jamie Paige
Max Wright
Alexander Rosetti

Managed by Robert J! Lake with help from Marcy Nabors and James Roach.

Mastered by Marcy Nabors.

Cover by Alexandra “Lexxy” Douglass. Track art and performer credits on the individual songs!

Features sheet music for “Renewed Return,” plus an exclusive PDF with commentary, making-of images, and more!


(Official promo video by What Pumpkin)

Paul Henderson and Robert J! Lake:

(Unofficial promo written by Robert J! Lake)

Marcy Nabors:

(Release listening / Q&A stream)

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