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By Jamie Paige Other jamiepaige Bandcamp jamieirl SoundCloud JamiePaigeIRL YouTube Spotify Spotify pamiejaige Twitter paisleypudge Twitter paisleypudge Tumblr.
Wallpaper art by REVERIEQUE REVERIEQUE Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 11/12/2021.
Duration: ~45:47.

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Main album: (~44:08)
  1. (1:47) Second Hello
  2. (3:56) Gentle Heart
  3. (5:11) Asemic Speech
  4. (3:50) Nothing (with You)
  5. (3:27) Paisley Patterns
  6. (4:47) Gummyworm
  7. (3:48) Greatsword / Love as Fire
  8. (3:21) Ally
  9. (4:55) Ballroom
  10. (4:16) Bittersweet
  11. (4:50) Close
Bonus tracks: (1:39)
  1. (1:39) Fiction

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Jamie Paige:

"welcome to the fiction!
we hide here every evening,
with plenty of exuberance
and voices for the voiceless"

for guiding this album's creation, and for their indispensable friendship, I give special thanks to:

marcy, madi, bluffy, que, fionna, alexis, fen, crows, grey, jeremy, samm, rocky, sly, lead, autumn, miranda, birdy, drake, jenna, lunie, sadie, my families both found and born into, paisley pudge, ekho paialthe, kalia vibte, jim boonie only, rock chat, the sorority, reverse despicable me au, borb, the scary lizard league, the puk pit...

and, of course, my dearest darling, honor <3

and paul henderson.

have fun parsing what any of that means!

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