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By Ray Mike user-277708053 SoundCloud raytheradguymaiky Tumblr theradguywoah Twitter.
Cover art by tempest2k Other nuclear333 Bandcamp Spotify Spotify secily_iopara Twitter tempest2k Tumblr fluttering-epaulette Tumblr tempestbreeze Carrd secilyiopara Carrd.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 1:14.

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Artist commentary:

Ray Mike: (Composer)

My last contribution for CANMT, just a sega genesis-esque hope vibe song. The history is nothing special actually xd, had this melody in mind while I was walking around and then I run to my house to transcribe it lol. But I think it's a good song for the final album, and it fits well since it has that feeling of "congratulations" and "end" vibe. Sssssoo i'm gonna get a bit cheesy, but I just want to tell you guys thank you for that time in CANMT, thanks to this team I've known so talented artist, and my beginnings as musician will be forever here. So yeah, it was a great time!

tempest2k: (Artist)

I accidentally downloaded this song a year ago and had no idea where it came from. Eventually I found out it was from the team server, and by then I'd fallen in love with it. When I decided I should probably make a final contribution to a team that has been so vital to my growth and rise as an artist, I was thrilled to see that this space hadn't been filled by an artist yet. I needed to draw something that said "goodbye". Goodbye, Cool and New Music Team. I look forward to whatever we become when this is over. Thank you.

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