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SKAIA'S THE LIMIT - Commentary

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Beatdown Listen on: Bandcamp


I warned you about the beat bro, I told you dawg.

Who Am Me? Listen on: Bandcamp

Funk McLovin:

What If Dirk Strider Had An Emotional Breakdown Lol

lyrics: i forgot to write them down. they don't make sense on purpose. don't worry about it lmao

Paradox Space Listen on: Bandcamp


Paradox Space, a term used a lot in the comic and for good reason. Tried to make something EPIC that could fit the concept of exploring it. Did I get it right? I don't know... but tried to make something GRAND and so that get's to a more, calm and beautiful part
To represent every aspect of it in some shape or form.

Land of Brains and Fire Listen on: Bandcamp


As far as I remember, the planet that Sollux was put on (in all of its weird, gross glory) had no actual song attributed to it. It makes sense, it's only very briefly shown in the story and doesn't show any sort of wider purpose, but I wanted to have a go anyway on a rendition of what I think a theme song for this area would be, in a hypothetical interactive flash game like the one where you play as John on LOWAS.

i once swore to put penumbra phantasm into every homestuck project i work on until toby releases it but honestly this is getting ridiculous Listen on: Bandcamp

Frost Carter:

That is in fact an actual thing I did. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up but I haven't failed yet. C'mon Toby, hurry it up! Make it the Champion battle theme in Pokémon: Scarlet/Violet or something.

RE:TCON Listen on: Bandcamp


A song about the events post-GAME OVER, for the most part. I wasn't feeling too adventurous these days so I stayed with my default proggy-sounding-but-not-actually-that-complex rock style and the ideas came fairly easily. I've been listening a lot to Starrysky's latest album recently so I'd say inspiration came mostly from that (hence the title lol), as well as acts like Periphery or Protest The Hero or Moron Police which are usual inspirations for me I guess. Also vocal production is still relatively new for me lol

solving puzzles is what i do. Listen on: Bandcamp

Frost Carter:

Joey song! I feel like my homegirl is underrapresented. Based on Jit's great Joey: Play Haunting Melody from Land of Fans and Music 5, I wanted to see if I could reimagine it as a more traditional Homestuck Vol. 1-4 style kid theme of sorts. Alas, I could not come up with a clever 8 letter title, but we can't always get what we want.

Megalovania SUPER LUCKY Edition Listen on: Bandcamp

Funk McLovin:

Vriska Did Nothing Wrong

The World as We Know It Listen on: Bandcamp


I was thinking about Earth B before the game began. I composed this track in 2018, hence the old productionless piano soundfont style.

I'm A Member of the Midnight Crew Listen on: Bandcamp


Wanted to finish a postpunk song about Jade Harley but time didn't allow for it so instead here's an arrangement of the midnight crew that was cobbled together in the last 48 hours.

Hot Pink Denial Listen on: Bandcamp


The biggest bop this side of the Iustita! Straight from the Friendsim 2 soundtrack into your ears, Hot Pink Denial is the theme of everyone's favorite anxiety-stricken teal girlboss, Stelsa Sezyat!

A Pinch Listen on: Bandcamp


I don't make music. I'm still learning. That said, I couldn't get this particular battle theme from Hiveswap Act 1 out of my head, and decided to do something about it.

In the coldest rooms, I burn a picture of you for warmth Listen on: Bandcamp

August Riley:

(An overly emotional Vriska x Terezi song)

The last time Terezi and Vriska's spent together before the world ended as scored by an emotional breakcore artist.

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)