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Sunday Night Strifin' Act 1+2 OST

album cover

Cover art by bould bbouldd Tumblr bould Newgrounds bbouldd Twitter GameBanana GameBanana.
Wallpaper art by melogomee melogomee Twitter melogome YouTube melogomee Instagram melogome Tumblr Other Neocities GameBanana GameBanana melogomee Linktree and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 10/24/2023.
Duration: ~56:15.

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Main album: (~47:40)
  1. (1:27) TutorialD by Mabsoot
  2. (2:00) Trepidation (Retconned) by TeeDeeGee
  3. (1:55) Rise Up (Retconned) by Mabsoot
  4. (2:13) Can't Abscond by Mabsoot
  5. (2:07) Sleepwalk by bould
  6. (2:36) Verdancy by WorldEndWonder
  7. (2:04) Grimdark by bould
  8. (1:57) BULL2HIIT by Mabsoot
  9. (2:25) Feels Jam by bould
  10. (2:46) Grimdate by Jebb
  11. (1:53) Check It by bould
  12. (2:54) Playtime by TeeDeeGee
  13. (1:47) Halloween Hack by bould
  14. (2:13) Catfight by TeeDeeGee
  15. (2:51) Heinous by WorldEndWonder
  16. (2:40) Descendascend by bould
  17. (3:12) 8r8k by TeeDeeGee
  18. (2:29) Shenanigans by bould
  19. (2:29) Breakdown SS by Mabsoot
  20. (1:09) Cooldown by DreamilyDrifting
  21. (1:12) Dubious Therapy by bould
  22. (1:21) Crabby Chorale by bould
Bonus tracks: (~8:35)
  1. (2:00) Trepidation by Mabsoot
  2. (2:03) Rise Up by Mabsoot
  3. (2:05) Broseph Bash by Jebb
  4. (2:27) Aggrievety by Jebb

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

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Artist commentary:


Goddamn! Never thought I’d ever be writing one of those Album commentary deals, considering I didn’t make any of the music, but I guess that’s a moot point since here I am, writing commentary!

First of all, thanks for checking out the Sunday Night Strifin’ Acts 1 + 2 Soundtrack! This entire album is a work of love from the entirety of the Strifin’ Musicians, (especially Jebb, my co-director for the mod who came up with the idea of making the OST for the mod an Album to begin with!)

Sunday Night Strifin’ is a labor of love. It’s an unholy combination of two different yet intrinsically connected properties; Friday Night Funkin’ and Homestuck.

I say they’re intrinsically connected because well, unless you have a mysterious third thing that crashed Newgrounds due to the sheer insanity of their fanbase, then Homestuck and FNF are the only two guilty of such a feat.

Anyways, I digress.

Sunday Night Strifin’ was started all the way back in 2021 because me and the other head Director; my friend Bould, both realized that hey! Homestuck doesn’t have an FNF mod yet! We should fix that.

However we were both INSANELY undercooked and knew nearly nothing about FNF modding, music making, or sprite animation, so the mod was kind of in its own personal development hell for a while until we met another musician, who goes by the name of Mabsoot online.

Honestly, if we never met her Strifin’ would have most likely been canned. But her tunes re-ignited a passion in me and Bould, and we both decided we needed to see it through to the end.

And from then on it was only up from there. We met more musicians, more artists, more like minded people who just wanted to come together and make something awesome, and that we did!

Sunday Night Strifin’ holds a place near and dear to my heart, it’s one of the most important projects I’ve ever headlined, and I only look forward to seeing what me and my friends make next.

I hope you love this Album as much as I loved excitedly checking the # song-updates channel in the Mod Dev Discord Server whenever I saw it had new messages.




Hey everyone! Thank you all SO much for checking out this album!

This was pretty tough to put together, but man was it worth it.

This entire team is a hotspot of talent, it's a joy to work on this project, and i do sincerely hope that we continue doing stuff as good and even better than what we have so far.

Dori already said everything one could say, so, i hope you enjoy!

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