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By TeeDeeGee ( Twitter , External ( ).
Cover art by melogomee ( Twitter , YouTube , Bandcamp , Tumblr ).
Released 10/24/2023.
Duration: 3:12.

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Tracks that 8r8k references:

Artist commentary:


8r8k has made me felt pain, frustration, love, resentment, but I can't bring myself to hate it at all.

8r8k has gone through 3 revisions, technically 4 since it's based off a previous track I did before Sunday Night Strifin', all because I found that I was unhappy with the track. This was the first real track I did for SNS, and I constantly wrote it under the idea that I HAD to make it the best track I could make. That pressure didn't turn out well, and it took me around half a year to get a result I even liked. Even then, I could nitpick 1000 things I want to change, but getting stuck in that loop again would be an absolute nightmare.

Lesson I learned? Never do anything relating to Vriska ever again.

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