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track cover

Tags: Rose, Kanaya, Dave

By Jebb ( YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by melogomee ( Twitter , YouTube , Bandcamp , Tumblr ).
Released 10/24/2023.
Duration: 2:46.

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Artist commentary:


Grimdate is my Act 2 track. When i joined the SNS team, i was initially only doing Act 3 stuff, however it turned out we still had place for another song for the Act 2 update. Now, with that knowledge and opportunity in mind, i thought about what would be the PERFECT track for a Rose-oriented update, and after some thinking, i decided that i would make...

A Sharpie Bath incident song. Yeah.

However, after working on it for a bit, i started to realise that what i was making was simply way too emotional for a song dedicated to, well, that. I talked about this for a bit, and Dori suggested i rework the track to be a Rose and Kanaya date track titled "Grimdate". And so, this was born. (Fun fact, you can still actually hear remnants of the sharpie bath idea in the song: one of the instruments that i used is a bathroom floor tile sample.)

Since this was a Rose-oriented update, i was pretty surprised by the lack of all and any Rose-themed bonus songs that we had, and it's nice that in the end she at least got one that she deserved.

Personally, i am not suuuper proud of this track, however i do believe that it does its job very well as being a Rosemary date track. I am especially proud of my work on the piano in this piece. I spent way too much time on mixing specifically - the bass always seemed too strong no matter what i did to it (probably since i layered a regular bass and a chiptune bass, so they ended up clashing in the mix). Eventually i sorta found a sweet spot though. Sorta. Either way, in the end, you can polish your artpiece for eternity, so you gotta learn to find your limit.

While it's not necessarily a direct reference, i decided to base the track strongly around Kanaya's theme, specifically by using the same instruments (piano, sleigh bells, bongos etc.) I also referenced Rose the same way, although much less obviously (it's just the strings (it becomes even less obvious of a reference considering the strings are partly just a Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There reference lmao)). At some point i realised that the entire track sounds very suspiciously like Specialist from Persona 4, so do what you wish with that info.

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