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track cover

track cover

Tags: Rose

By Jebb ( YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by bould ( Tumblr , Newgrounds , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 10/24/2023.
Duration: 2:27.

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Tracks that Aggrievety references:

Artist commentary:


Other than Grimdate i also made a trailer theme for the mod's showcase at the 2023's New Year SAHCON. Since Act 2 was mainly a Rose-centered update, i decided to go the very obvious route and make it a remix of Aggrieve, her theme. I also decided to take a bit from each version, like the chiptune from the original, the chimes from Aggrievance and the guitar from Aggrievocation.

Instead of abandoning the track, i decided to extend it to the length of a full proper piece as a sort of final bonus for the release of the album.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed it, and thanks a lot for listening!

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