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album cover

The Baby is You

By Toby Fox (Bandcamp, Twitter).
Cover art by astroliner.
Released 9/27/2010.
Duration: ~12:07.

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  1. (1:01) A History of Babies
  2. (0:43) Throguh Song
  3. (1:36) The Baby is You
  4. (1:47) bootes
  5. (1:11) rose pragnant
  6. (2:45) the rose rap
  7. (0:07) uh oh
  8. (1:27) vs bros
  9. (1:30) a baby is born

Added to wiki 1/12/2021.

Artist commentary:


(From the Homestuck Sound Test 4/13/2017 Edition release notes:)

Simultaneously the worst fucking thing Toby Fox has ever made and his magnum opus that even Undertale cannot surpass, even mentioning this legendary trash opera on the now-defunct MSPA forums was grounds for a ban. Warning: Contains male pregnancy (mpreg), heavy implications of underage sex, implications of incest, time travel, a clip of Karkat saying "MMMMMMMMMMM" that was used in the Act 6 Act 6 Act 1 opening flash, vore, the answer to the Ultimate Riddle, and other absolutely awful shit that has no business being in the Sound Test, or indeed, anywhere. Listen at your own risk, if you dare...

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