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cool and new volume 3

album cover

Cover art by Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr.
Wallpaper art by Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr and Makin (edits for wiki).
Banner art by Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr and Makin (edits for wiki).
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: ~2:01:28.

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Main Album: (~1:27:48)
  1. (2:55) Skaian Spirograph by WarxTron
  2. (1:52) Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix) by cookiefonster
  3. (3:00) Endurance by Pipko Fanfare
  4. (1:32) snusrettte by cctv
  5. (5:55) Rescue the Corrupt by ft-rj
  6. (2:33) Stuck in a Rut by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  7. (3:12) Twilight Rhythm by koba
  8. (2:47) Cobalt Waltz by VoidNull
  9. (2:29) Moshi Travels to the Future by bobthetacocat
  10. (2:51) Diminuendo for Six Voices by flagellumVagueness
  11. (2:20) Rose: Enhance by Pipko Fanfare
  12. (2:13) I Will Never Forget by TirantBacon and Hadron
  13. (1:14) Starslammer by Ray Mike
  14. (0:50) Hometime by Isabella James
  15. (8:08) Back in Oak Ridge by Cecily Renns
  16. (2:36) Sunset by Wheals
  18. (3:01) Rex Hubertus Magnus by MrCheeze
  19. (4:22) Learn With Caliborn (Typing Adventure) 3: Consonant Conquest by Interrobang
  20. (2:36) Broken World by Kusoro
  21. (3:47) Battle with an Enhanced Imp(rov) by cctv
  22. (1:22) the baby is 3 by Ray Mike
  23. (1:23) Verve by Ray Mike and cctv
  24. (3:54) Davesprite Chiptune by salex_r3kt
  25. (3:15) Crystal Finale by Noisemaker
  26. (5:27) While it Lasted by Ragzilla
  27. (3:56) Final Phantasm by Pipko Fanfare
  28. (4:58) Epilogue by Cecily Renns
Bonus Tracks: (~33:40)
  1. (0:18) --BONUS TRACKS-- by MrCheeze
  2. (4:11) Adrenaline (Piano Improv) by cctv
  3. (0:54) Doctr (feat.) by Ragzilla
  4. (4:29) Assess (Piano Improv) by cctv
  5. (0:56) It Was Nice by Ragzilla
  6. (2:18) wwg2 ver. 2 (Piano Improv) by cctv
  7. (2:33) RCT 2 theme reimagined as a JRPG boss battle except its not finished by Interrobang
  8. (4:28) Legends (Piano Improv) by cctv
  9. (2:09) Don't Enter the Jungle by tempest2k
  10. (3:40) You Don't Remember Me (Piano Improv) by cctv
  11. (2:27) Trailer (Five Years) by Interrobang
  12. (5:17) Motif Mixture (Piano Improv) by cctv

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

This is the final album. Thanks for everything.

Take care of yourself, yeah?

Makin: (Myserty)

no it isn't

cookiefonster: (Booklet Assembler)

Most of CANMT's commentary booklets were assembled by interrobang, but since he couldn't do it for this one, I decided to take the reins instead. I especially did this because I was worried that I wouldn't get a song done for the album and wanted to send off my time in CANMT another way, but I got a song done after all! I lovingly put together this booklet in PowerPoint.

Man, Cool and New Music Team. Where do I even begin with how much the team means to me? Even though there's no denying that most of our albums are of… mixed quality, they're extremely sentimental to me, and I hope they're at least a little sentimental to whoever might be reading this. I've made so many fun memories in CANMT making music, critiquing others' music, complaining about things people were doing that I didn't like, and I'm far from the only person in the team who learned a lot about making music through their times in the team.

No matter how much I try to deny it, I love Homestuck. A lot. Sure, the comic has a horribly annoying fanbase, but I guarantee you I wouldn't be where I am now without Homestuck. Between my various contributions to SiIvaGunner and learning a lot about making chiptune covers (which I think I'm pretty damn good at by now), I owe a lot to this team and by extension, Homestuck and I can't fully hate the fact that I do.

I'm really sorry for getting sappy. It's just that when you realize that CANMT is getting a proper sendoff after five long years (the last two of which, um, weren't exactly active), you might possibly get just a little bit emotional?

Oh yeah, shoutouts to interrobang and koba (previously known as Sir Felix or Jaspy) for making this album happen and giving CANMT the sendoff it deserves, rather than letting it quietly rot away. You two are champs. Really, everyone who played a big part in CANMT and stuck around this long is a champ.

Scarodactyl: (Cover Artist)

With this album we've come to a long-awaited ending--not one given to us, but one we've had to make for ourselves. All that's left is to shed the trappings of the past, open the door and step through.

cookiefonster: (Not an Artist)

You'd better get used to seeing this excellent art in about half of this commentary booklet. As much as I wish we could have had unique art for every track, this isn't a possibility since most of the prolific artists on this team have either left the server or become inactive. Not that I can blame them, necessarily. As a wise man named wheals once said:

I'm joking, of course (or am I?). CANMT had a lot of talented artists, and I wish them well in whatever artistic endeavors they pursue next. But they're still basically worthless IMO.

Also, I do not want to switch to dark mode and cozy mode and then switch back to light and compact just for the sake of a screenshot. I pulled this screenshot from search results so that the date is visible. If you rip on people for using light mode Discord, then please find something more important to worry about. You guys. Seriously. You're not being funny.

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