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Bill Bolin


Entries for tracks by Bill Bolin have been retained for the sake of preserving the intended structure and form of albums they appear on; however, it should be noted that Bolin left the music team after throwing a huge tantrum regarding "professionalism" and having tracks he hadn't formally released featured in the comic. While they still appear as their original releases in the albums on this artist page, they were promptly replaced with tracks by other music team members, and eventually Homestuck Vol. 1-4 was released, including several replacement tracks. The entire fiasco around Bolin has long been infamous within the music fandom.

It also came to public light later that Bolin had acted transphobic towards another music team member.

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Bill Bolin has contributed ~19:05 minutes of music shared on this wiki.

Contributed music to groups: Official (9)

Homestuck Vol. 2 (12/14/2009; ~7:39)
Homestuck Vol. 3 (12/15/2009; ~2:05)
Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead (2/4/2010; ~2:34)
Homestuck Vol. 4 (4/13/2010; ~6:47)

Unreleased Tracks

Unreleased Tracks (11/11/1111; ~2:50)

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