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Homestuck Vol. 4

album cover

Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Homestuck and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 4/13/2010.
Duration: ~31:35.

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  1. (0:43) Revelawesome by Malcolm Brown
  2. (1:38) Hardlyquin by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (2:59) Mutiny by Bill Bolin
  4. (1:36) Carefree Victory by Andrew Huo and Toby Fox
  5. (1:20) Guardian V2 by Bill Bolin
  6. (2:28) Contention by Bill Bolin
  7. (3:08) Ballad of Awakening by Malcolm Brown
  8. (3:39) Sburban Jungle by Michael Guy Bowman
  9. (6:29) Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix) by Robert J! Lake
  10. (2:37) Doctor by Buzinkai and Clark Powell
  11. (1:24) Endless Climb by Buzinkai
  12. (1:10) Atomyk Ebonpyre by Toby Fox
  13. (2:24) Black by Toby Fox

Added to wiki 12/12/2020.

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Artist commentary:

Homestuck: ( side blurb)

The fourth official Homestuck album, which includes the music of mid Act 3 though mid Act 4.

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post, excerpt)

Volume 4!

Ok a whole mess of announcements here so let's see if I can keep it short and sweet!

Homestuck Volume 4 is here. 13 songs. $4.13. Comes with a cool wallpaper! Check it:

There are a few very nice remixes in this album, done on pretty short notice. Everybody pulled this one together really fast! Nice job guys. And nice job as always to Miss McMittens for rallying the troops and piecing it all together.

Cindy Dominguez: (McMittens blog, excerpt)

This 4/13 thing looks like fun

More swell news from the MSPA camp: Homestuck Vol. 4 is now yours to own, if you so choose, which I hope you do because these musicians (them's my boys and gals, et cetera) do some stellar work and you would most certainly enjoy having some of it for your very own! Also they deserve to have some of your money so please just give it to them already. I'll love you forever if you do.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp download blurb)

Immediate download of not only 13-track album, BUT ALSO: bonus content! Alternate album covers and a Homestuck wallpaper are yours to cherish forever and ever when you buy this album!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

By these fine gents:
Malcolm Brown
Mark Hadley
Bill Bolin
Andrew Huo
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Michael Guy Bowman
Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
Robert J! Lake
George Buzinkai
Michael Vallejo

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