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Homestuck Vol. 4

album cover

album cover

Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Homestuck and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 4/13/2010.
Duration: ~31:35.

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  1. (0:43) Revelawesome by Malcolm Brown
  2. (1:38) Hardlyquin by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (2:59) Mutiny by Bill Bolin
  4. (1:36) Carefree Victory by Andrew Huo and Toby Fox
  5. (1:20) Guardian V2 by Bill Bolin
  6. (2:28) Contention by Bill Bolin
  7. (3:08) Ballad of Awakening by Malcolm Brown
  8. (3:39) Sburban Jungle by Michael Guy Bowman
  9. (6:29) Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix) by Robert J! Lake
  10. (2:37) Doctor by Buzinkai and Clark Powell
  11. (1:24) Endless Climb by Buzinkai
  12. (1:10) Atomyk Ebonpyre by Toby Fox
  13. (2:24) Black by Toby Fox

Added to wiki 12/12/2020.

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