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Homestuck Vol. 1-4

album cover

Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Homestuck and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 10/24/2011.
Duration: ~1:24:09.

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From Homestuck Vol. 1: (~17:02)
  1. (2:20) Showtime (Piano Refrain) by Kevin Regamey
  2. (1:43) Harlequin by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (2:09) Showtime (Original Mix) by Malcolm Brown
  4. (1:34) Aggrieve (Violin Refrain) by Andrew Huo
  5. (0:38) Sburban Countdown by Mark J. Hadley
  6. (2:32) Aggrieve by Mark J. Hadley
  7. (1:57) Showtime (Imp Strife Mix) by Buzinkai and Curt Blakeslee
  8. (1:24) Nannaquin by Mark J. Hadley
  9. (2:45) Skies of Skaia by Mark J. Hadley
From Homestuck Vol. 2: (~21:44)
  1. (2:48) Harlequin (Rock Version) by Michael Guy Bowman
  2. (0:41) John Sleeps / Skaian Magicant by Toby Fox
  3. (4:20) Upward Movement (Dave Owns) by Kalibration
  4. (1:13) Vagabounce by David Ko
  5. (2:28) Explore by Buzinkai and Michael Guy Bowman
  6. (1:44) Gardener by Steve Everson
  7. (2:02) Showtime Remix by Gabriel Nezovic
  8. (2:11) Aggrieve Remix by Gabriel Nezovic
  9. (0:52) Verdancy (Bassline) by Kalibration
  10. (3:25) Potential Verdancy by Robert J! Lake
From Homestuck Vol. 3: (~19:41)
  1. (2:32) Beatdown (Strider Style) by Curt Blakeslee
  2. (2:47) Harleboss by Malcolm Brown
  3. (2:27) Beatdown Round 2 by Curt Blakeslee
  4. (1:47) Dissension (Original) by David Ko
  5. (2:03) Dissension (Remix) by David Ko
  6. (1:06) Ohgodwhat by Nick Smalley
  7. (1:05) Ohgodwhat Remix by Michael Guy Bowman
  8. (1:36) Rediscover Fusion by BurnedKirby
  9. (2:00) Explore Remix by Gabriel Nezovic
  10. (1:15) Chorale for Jaspers by Michael Guy Bowman
  11. (1:03) Pony Chorale by Michael Guy Bowman
From Homestuck Vol. 4: (~24:48)
  1. (0:43) Revelawesome by Malcolm Brown
  2. (1:38) Hardlyquin by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (1:36) Carefree Victory by Andrew Huo and Toby Fox
  4. (3:08) Ballad of Awakening by Malcolm Brown
  5. (3:39) Sburban Jungle by Michael Guy Bowman
  6. (6:29) Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix) by Robert J! Lake
  7. (2:37) Doctor by Buzinkai and Clark Powell
  8. (1:24) Endless Climb by Buzinkai
  9. (1:10) Atomyk Ebonpyre by Toby Fox
  10. (2:24) Black by Toby Fox
Bonus tracks: (0:54)
  1. (0:54) Doctor (Original Loop) by Buzinkai

Added to wiki 11/15/2019.

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Artist commentary:

Homestuck: (Bandcamp about blurb)

A recollection of classic Homestuck songs from Volumes 1 through 4, now cheaper than ever!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp download blurb)

Also comes with Homestuck wallpaper from Volume 4.

Homestuck: ( "what's up" blurb)

(Continued from Homestuck Vol. 8!)

Almost equally mega is the newly repackaged Homestuck Vol. 1-4. What is it, exactly? It's Homestuck Vol. 1, Homestuck Vol. 2, Homestuck Vol. 3, and Homestuck Vol. 4, but way more efficient. A small handful of songs have been added. Also added: increased wallet friendliness.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

By these rad dudes:

Malcolm Brown
Mark Hadley
Kevin Regamey
Michael Guy Bowman
George Buzinkai
Curt Blakeslee
Andrew Huo
Gabe Nezovic
Joseph Aylsworth
Robert Blaker
David Ko
Robert J! Lake
Steve Everson
Nick Smalley
Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
Michael Vallejo
Toby "Radiation" Fox

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