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Toby Fox

Appears in 31 cover arts.

Awakened (Obobonus) (Illust. Shadok)
Homestuck Vol. 11 (Illust. CadBrad)
Penumbra Phantasm (Extended) (Illust. nights)
Moonwasher (Illust. Cloudaria)
it's Toby, somewhere ... (Illust. Makin)
.jpeg (Illust. Shadok, Hadron)
OFF course (Illust. Shadok)
Radiation is now a Rapper (Illust. Shadok)
C A N W A V E 2 (Illust. yazshu)
Oppa Toby Seizure (Illust. olkiswerve)
T H E M E (AKA Ballad for Penumbra Phantasm) (Illust. cookiefonster)
Searching the Internet for Radiation (Illust. Shadok)
Penumbra Phantasm by Toby Fox (feat. "Radiation") (Illust. yazshu)
arfchant evenlasing (Illust. Greenagon)
CaNWC Sound Test Vol.1: REVENGE OF THE GIIVASUNNER (Illust. Makin)
derp waltz (Illust. avocado)
Bleep (dodecaphonic remix) (Illust. XenoZane)
Dogtor (get it?) (Illust. Griever)
Penumbra Phantasm By Toby Fox (Featuring "Radiation") (Illust. yazshu)
[NSFW] Penumbra オーガズム:百万ドルリミックス( Gunshow Singalong )の小ローン (Illust. yazshu, dick2bombs, miraculousAvantgarde)
Penumbra Phanteaseum (Illust. Zoey)
Bleep (Extended Edition) (Illust. Cloudaria)
good remix of a homestuck song (Illust. Discfortune)
game hypothesis: what if sans was actually ness from earthbound created by toby fox (Illust. yazshu)
megaloh fuck it (Illust. yazshu)
Penumbra Phat (Illust. Makin)
Hankage Fantazumu (Illust. Makin)
P E N U M B R A (Illust. Makin)
Witching GLouR (aka Fuschia GRuLer) (Illust. Grim Harlequin)
Air for Broclectic Games (aka Olive Brogue) (Illust. Grim Harlequin)
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