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Penumbra Phantasm (Extended)

track cover

track cover

Tags: John, Toby Fox

By Difarem ( SoundCloud ).
Cover art by nights ( SoundCloud , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 7/20/2018.
Duration: 1:55.

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Tracks that Penumbra Phantasm (Extended) references:

Tracks that Penumbra Phantasm (Extended) samples:


[Lyrics to the full eleven hour version]
(The track over. Move on to the next track)

(Why are you still here? Please go)

(The real Penumbera will never be released. Just leave already. Please)

Artist commentary:

Makin: (Organizer, Wiki adder)

This track is 11:41:30 in the Bandcamp release, but it's just 1:55 of music, 30 seconds of willfromafar saying the lines in the lyrics, and 11:39:45 of silence. For wiki purposes, only the short, downloadable, Youtube version of the track is preserved here. Also I was the one who extended the track to 11 hours so I deserve this artistic license......

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