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End of Act

By Sean Gorter (SoundCloud).
Released 12/25/2017.
Duration: 5:32.

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Been a long time coming for your happy holidays
And the winter air is resting on your skin
After all the year has brought upon your merry way
Take a look behind at everywhere you’ve been

From the seven gates of Skaia to the Battlefield
And the Land of Light and Rain you trode upon
Seven years of works Ascending, what it all revealed
Was a word that you could cherish standing on

Stuck at home as snowflakes fall upon your gilded land
Like a Witch of Space commencing Medium ground
You’re surrounded by a feeling something’s close at hand
While the world outside keeps turning round and round

Scurry out into the alabaster as it spills
Step away from all that anchors you below
Every day brings you a Choice to make of as you will
Choose to be the Hero everywhere you go

Will you find another universe to fall into
Are the other ones not pulling you away
Do you look back on the memories in that field of view
Did they turn you into who you are today

Were your closest friends a part of what you’ve loved so long
Would you play with them a Session of your own?
Are they standing right beside you as you sing this song
Don’t you leave them through this season all alone

And we’ll meet you for another happy holiday
When the twilight stars you built upon have gone astray
Take your chances, take yourself along and get away
For your Ultimate Reward awaits you, don’t delay

Artist commentary:

Sean Gorter:

Imagine me, young Flare, sitting at a piano when all of a sudden - BAM! Musical inspiration strikes! The melody always struck me from the beginning as rather festive-feeling, even if it didn't use the standard musical tropes for Christmas music, so I took this idea and set out to make the most Christmassy electronic music I could make.

The lyrics also only rather obliquely reference Homestuck; it's never mentioned by name, I chose the most mild-sounding aspects of the story to directly reference, and not once is conksuck or shit lets be santa dropped. But most importantly, the lyrics are for you, dear Homestuck reader, as a reminder that though the year has come to a close, though the act is ending, the future still holds many more in store for you. Your story continues on, so be its hero!

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