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Asemic Speech

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By Jamie Paige ( External ( , Bandcamp , Twitter , SoundCloud ).
Released 11/12/2021.
Duration: 5:11.

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(Fuck, what am I?)

I feel a feeling indescribable
My head is spinning like a bicycle wheel
(And the words come flooding into my ears)
But my mind is stolen right from under me
I'm overcome with every feeling for you
(Yet my voice is just content to stay clear)

I love you, adore you
I hope that doesn't bore you
I want you, I need you
Oh god, I want to speak, but- but- b-bleh

But it's so hard to say the things that I'm thinking
Like steel in water, I'm sinking
(Too many to say)
I babble in wordless form
Getting lost in the feeling

When I see you beaming
The things around me lose meaning
(Asemic and gray)
And Jupiter's endless storm
Just a stain on the ceiling

And I'm inconsolable
There's no more words to be spoken
(Just melting letters in fantastical forms)
Like the spill of the milky way
All my words come out broken

And I don't even know what they should mean
(All my feelings unseen)

I say a phrase unrecognizable
My sense is stolen by some sly little thief
(I just hope that you somehow get what I mean)

My heart, it beats so fast
(And it shatters like its glass)
Do you know who the beat breaks for?
Just chasing around a sunbeam
(Reflected off my phone screen)
I'll take what I can get, no more

I love you, so dearly
But I can't say it clearly
I stammer for hours
And- and- and- umm

'Cause it's so hard to say the things that I'm feeling
A fish out of water, I'm reeling
(Too many to say)
My head flies to meet the clouds
Watch it bounce off the ceiling

My greeting is nonsense
I talk in pictures, no content
(Asemic and gray)
I'm hopelessly beyond my means
So far out of the context

I'm purely emotional
My love conveyed in the worst way
(Just melting letters in fantastical forms)
Laid prostrate beside myself
And that words that I should say

But I can't move my mouth to match my heart
(They work so far apart)
I move so fast but end up where I start
(Less than all of my parts)
But if you navigate it
Maybe you can validate it
And we can call these abstract works of art
(Drawn right onto my heart)

And if I bridge the gap from thought to speech
(Find the words that I need)
Then I could tell you what you mean to me

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