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Greatsword / Love as Fire

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track cover

By Jamie Paige ( External ( , Bandcamp , Twitter , SoundCloud ).
Released 11/12/2021.
Duration: 3:48.

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There's a fire burning within me
(Enough to set a mind alight)
Keeps me safe from what hurts me
That's why it started
But there's burns on my heart now
All cauterized and scarred up
(Doesn't do much more than hurt us)

And I still fight as much as I'm able
(Held up by a greatsword)
But that can't hide all the pain felt
I'm a stalwart soldier
Kept warm by a fire
It can burn so gentle
(So why is it painful?)

You can be so gentle
When I get done fighting
Maybe I'm a lover
Not a soldier struggling

You're my shield, loyal light
A gentle warmth in the blackest night
I'm your charge, you're my guard
So I'll just stay right by your side
I forget myself sometimes
When I'm lost then you remind
I am your sword, hold me tight
Keep me safe right by your side

If I'm playing with fire I'm bound to get burned
But I know there's more than the surface
I can learn to love you, and you'll burn to fuel me
(There's more to the flame than the pain, come and be my blaze)
And we'll keep to the paths you light up (Like candles to guide me)
So much fighting before us, but the thing with fire
There's a lot its good for, destruction and healing
(Or forging a greatsword)

I'm a weapon of passion
That's held with intention
And you are the wielder
Of tempered emotion

You're my moon, loyal light
You orbit 'round and pull my tides
I reach out towards the skies
So I can stay right by your side
I forget my worth sometimes
But I was forged in love as fire
I am your sword, hold me tight
Keep me safe right by your side

There's a fire aflame in my heart that'll never burn away
Feeling and passion, the ardor of comfort and pain
It would kill if I tried to deny or to live off of the blaze
So I dance in-between with the pyre to forge my blade

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