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Nothing (with You)

track cover

track cover

By Jamie Paige ( External ( , Bandcamp , Twitter , SoundCloud ).
Released 11/12/2021.
Duration: 3:50.

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"Don't you want to feel seen? Don't you want to be heard?
You can be complete, in a single word"
That's the thing they say, that's the point of view
In a single word, that is all of you

But ain't it plain to see that it's all for show
Just a snide appeal to the status quo
You can be much more than a catchy tune
But if it don't sell well, they don't want that 'you'

So is it worth it in the end
To close your eyes and make pretend
That you can find your satisfaction in a brand?

I wanna be nothing with you
A thing that can't be viewed
No careful meaningful design
Not easily reduced
We'll be an idea, not the truth
Not something you can prove
Subliminal, invisible
Unthinkable anew

I wanna be nothing with you
And make the world confused
No holding up to scrutiny
Impossibly obtuse
And maybe folk will call us mistaken
Try to fit us into a station
But I'd rather be a phantom
Than a fucking target group
(I wanna be-)
(I wanna be-)

Maybe you're convinced that it's really true
And the man up top really does see you
But it all falls flat experientially
Capital don't care unless it means money

But is it worth it in the end
To close our eyes and make pretend
Our love's a thing that they could ever understand?

(I wanna be-)
Why don't you be nothing with me?
A gentle force unseen
So ultraviolet, infrared
We live beyond belief
Unstring all the ties and guarantees
To be with everything
We'll write the words our stories tell
And take them underwing

(I wanna be-)
So come and be nothing with me
All red and gold and green
Our peace of mind is undefined
Empyrean, obscene
And maybe folk will try to define us
Through some definition divide us
But they'll never truly hide us
If they don't know what we mean

(I wanna be nothing)
(I wanna be-)
(I wanna be-)
(I wanna be-)

We'll be nothing in the end
A form that no one comprehends
But I am real and you're real
And we're something real again
And so it's worth it in the end
To close our eyes, and to transcend
We do our best to dodge the real and play pretend

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