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Cerulean Skies

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By Michael Guy Bowman bowman Bandcamp YouTube YouTube mguybowman Twitter Other mguybowman Instagram.
Released 1/1/2012.
Duration: 3:22.

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I never had the best of health
Just a lot of time and a little wealth
I never failed, I only tried
Just a moment too late, the dream had died

I never saw cerulean skies
Or the light of the truth behind the lies
I never received, I only took
From the few pages left of every un-burned book

I never once saw time well-spent
Or a wise man who was not hell-bent
I never spoke, I only screamed
As the men upstairs shot down my dreams

Come on (come right on)
Come on (sit down with sin)
Come on (no way to win)
'Cause if you can't kiss ass then you can't begin

Come on (no chance in hell)
Come on (think for yourself)
Come on (you might as well)
'Cause a good student has nothing on a good sell

Come on (write your own role)
Come on (no lump of coal)
Come on (just rock and roll)
'Cause if you're not damned yet then you've sold your soul

At first I tried to fight the law
But I never pulled the very first straw
I could not fight my mom and dad
When the sins of the parents were the ones I had

I fought for all the underdogs
Who turned out to be hive-mind cogs
I fought for love - of course I lost
But I was the one who named that cost

I tried to fight the last of my friends
But all I found were long-dead-ends
I'd lost my time, I'd lost my wealth,
And I'd never once tried to fight for myself

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