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By Michael Guy Bowman ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ) and James Dever ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter ).
Released 1/1/2012.
Duration: 3:55.

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Tracks that reference Ascension:

From Fandom:


Long before there was you and I
The ancient ones lived in the sky
A kingdom built upon the stars
A million tiny points of light
Do you ever wonder where they've gone?
Don't you ever wonder why?

The ancient ones they rose and fell
For reasons that we just can't tell
Cataclysm - maybe so
Perhaps we're just not meant to know
Empire never lasts or so it seems
But some say they're still with us in our dreams

Ascending off to god knows where the ancient ones took parole
Legend says they were running from a force beyond their control
And the kingdom that was left behind
Was turned to dust from which mankind
Did first emerge like cinders up from the coal

And you and I we are the ash
Of demons slain and cities smashed
The ancient ones they reached too far
And thus for now the world is ours
And though it's just a legend so they say
Perhaps they will return again someday

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