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By Michael Guy Bowman ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 1/1/2012.
Duration: 5:14.

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Somewhere in a jungle grove a candle burns denoting Saint Therese
A prayer that those we've left behind are troubled not with heart and mind at peace
Nurse attending close at hand with wine to cast its old familiar spell
An elder soul looks into you but cannot speak in things the tongue can tell

I'm sorry I forgot your name
I only have myself to blame
If you were me you'd do the same

Somewhere in this downward race
A person, name, a thing, or place
Solution to my endless chase
I'm sure I'd recognize its face

Though I forget myself
I'm sure there's something else
I'll come around
I'll make the sound
The noun

In my car I'm on my way from where I live to where you are right now
And though I've been here many times it seems as though it all has changed somehow
I'm sure I've seen this busy road a million times or was it in my sleep?
My minivan was in the sky, but never mind - I'm thinking far too deep

Familiar signs have gone away
I'm sure if it was not today
I'd be there now - I'd find my way

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