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Dr. Pepper

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By Pipko Fanfare ( External ( , Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by bobthetacocat ( Twitter ).
Released 8/20/2016.
Duration: 3:14.

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Oh Diet Dr Pepper is the flavor that I savor
It's sweet and spicy, totally unique
It makes me want to sing this song about my soft drink saviour
That brings me joy when everything looks bleak

Oh Diet Dr Pepper by the can or by the twenty
I drink them morning, afternoon, and night
It's got no fat or calories but taste it has aplenty
Beats cola, root beer, juice, and even Sprite

There can just be only one true Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Loyal subjects, me and you, to Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Death to every other drink but Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Because they just really stink but Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper

I'll show you to a brand new world of Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Our banner flies proudly unfurled for Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Lay waste to all the other drinks it's Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Satisfying all my kinks it's Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper

(Don't kinkyshame me plz.)

Oh Diet Dr Pepper raise the flag of revolution
And murder every soft drink in your way
Your perfect taste has led me to a new Final Solution
Kill everyone, start with a brand new day

And as the dawn rises anew on Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
The drink of choice for me and you, it's Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Taste like this just can't be beat, oh Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper
Pepsi lies dead in the street, it's Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper

Artist commentary:

Pipko Fanfare:

This is one of those rare times where as soon as I had the idea, most of the details came rushing into my mind on how I wanted it to go. Which is great, because it makes the process way easier! Despite this, lyrics are still hard. I think the biggest challenge was keeping it recognizable as a "doctor" remix despite the completely different chord progression, melody, etc, but in the end I feel like I pulled it off about as well as I reasonably could have. Fun fact: I finally bought a pop filter for my microphone after doing this and Dr. Doctor, PhD, so while there's Plenty of Plosives in this one, if I ever dare to sing again it should sound better next time. (Well, the singing would still be bad, but the recording would be better!)

I was going to pretend that I'm actually capable of singing better than this but was just imitating Stutzman, but we all know that's a lie.

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