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track cover

track cover

Tags: John, Jade, LoWaS, Prospit

By daXfactorz.
Cover art by XenoZane ( Bandcamp , Twitter ).
Released 8/20/2016.
Duration: 5:15.

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Tracks that FOUR OUT OF FIVE DOCTORS AGREE references:


Artist commentary:


I was inspired by this brilliant masterpiece of a song to make some amazing track art worthy of its greatness. As the song was bounds and leaps ahead of all music to date, the art had to be just as mind-boggling. I immediately got to work. A long, grueling Google search late I found the perfect stock image. The four doctors standing there in their assorted outfits spoke to me in the same way the song did when I first heard it. I came as fast as I could. I threw the picture right into GIMP and got to work. After a bit of resizing I started customizing it. Getting a picture for Doctor was easy, it had track art. The other 4 were harder. They were all on volume 5, so I had to make my own pictures for them. Plague Doctor was the easiest of those 4, I just found a plague doctor mask and put it on him. As for Medical Emergency and Savior of the Waking World, I used the pictures luminantAegis used in their extensions. I was able to find a descend picture pretty easily. After brainstorming for hours I was able to think of FOUR WHOLE DIFFERENT WAYS to agree. When it came to putting descend in, I realized I had no stock image for it! I had to scroll through miles of Google Images just to find the perfect picture. When I did, the sensation was amazing. I felt a rush of dopamine as i threw the picture into GIMP. I resized it to the corner and started masking the Descend image. The whole thing was looking fine until i realized the big empty gap in the bottom left corner! I quickly got to work thinking of potential things to put there. After a week and several garbage bins full of crumpled paper, I finally came to the obvious conclusion. Just put the title there.

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