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Cool and new Volume V

album cover

Cover art by miraculousAvantgarde.
Released 8/20/2016.
Duration: ~1:49:21.

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  1. (2:34) Doctar by Cerulean
  2. (0:23) Orderly by Bin
  3. (1:01) Lambda Doctor by koba
  4. (2:28) Is there a doctor in the house? by 413
  5. (3:49) D o c t o r w a ve by ft-rj
  6. (0:54) The Doctor by No Funny Name
  7. (0:56) 7 DOCTOR by Wheals
  8. (1:34) Dr. Doctor, PhD by Pipko Fanfare
  9. (2:07) doctor halation by ft-rj
  10. (0:48) Cross-Planetary Exploration ~ Moderato 2016 by MrCheeze
  11. (2:28) Savior of the Coasting Rolled by Wheals
  12. (2:14) I'd like to see your diploma by Noisemaker
  13. (0:58) Doctor Dies by Difarem
  14. (0:54) I Love This Doctor by Ngame
  15. (1:31) cool and new theme hospital present doctor by VulkanShawl
  16. (0:48) Doctor Remix Remix by MrCheeze
  17. (2:10) Surgical Scar by Kusoro
  18. (1:06) Medicus by Minkt
  19. (1:10) gee it's another doctor by Griever
  20. (0:55) Dentist by Double Hats Eyewear
  21. (4:05) Doc Brown by Interrobang
  22. (0:47) Doctor Remix Remix Remix by MrCheeze
  23. (3:14) Dr. Pepper by Pipko Fanfare
  24. (1:07) Doctor Robotnik by MBI
  25. (1:10) doctor remix no. 720612413 by Cecily Renns
  26. (5:10) Postdoctoral Research Position by Interrobang
  27. (1:04) Doctor, Is He Going to Make It? by BitesizeBird
  28. (2:33) Mouth Doctor (thats just a dentist you dumb shit) by flamingfusion
  29. (2:00) Doctor Mario by yazshu
  30. (1:24) Moondoctor by Difarem
  31. (0:59) Cross-Planetary Exploration ~ Allegro 2016 by MrCheeze
  32. (1:06) Dogtor (get it?) by Wights End
  33. (4:13) Doctor of The Waking Phantasm (This Name Sucks) by Pipko Fanfare
  34. (1:24) Upwards Doctor by ft-rj
  35. (2:53) Moondoctor by Shwan
  36. (0:49) Doctor's Ringtone by VulkanShawl
  37. (1:36) same bpm by ft-rj
  38. (1:07) Nightcore no Doctor by VulkanShawl
  39. (3:54) Do You Remember the Doctor by TirantBacon and Cecily Renns
  40. (2:25) Doctor Egbert M.D. by VulkanShawl
  41. (5:15) FOUR OUT OF FIVE DOCTORS AGREE by daXfactorz
  42. (1:25) Dr. Minish (Savior of the Choking Goose) by Difarem
  43. (3:06) Casey Needs a Doctor by MoreEpicThanYou747
  44. (1:43) Baby Doctor (Savior of the Waking Baby) by daXfactorz
  45. (2:38) The One The Doctor Couldn't Save by Griever
  46. (1:25) Witch Doctor by Difarem
  47. (1:06) Troubleshooter by Makin
  48. (2:01) Liquid Doctor by Shwan
  49. (1:55) Medical Practitioner by Kusoro
  50. (1:38) American Doctor by cookiefonster
  51. (2:41) Dr. de Bruin by Wights End
  52. (0:47) Doctorlovania by VulkanShawl
  53. (1:47) Doc in ruins by Shwan
  54. (1:10) Doct̸̢̨̀o̴̕r̵ by Interrobang
  55. (2:16) i need an abumbalnce!!.mp3 by Discfortune
  56. (4:40) Penumbra Phantasm By Toby Fox (Featuring "Radiation") by ostrichlittledungeon

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

Remix album of "Doctor" by George Buzinkai

George Buzinkai wrote unique, memorable pieces such as Endless Climb and the aforementioned Doctor for Homestuck. She's an inspiration to all fan musicians such as us, and without his melodies spreading throughout the Homestuck discography - with 30 tracks containing the Doctor melody as a whole - Homestuck wouldn't be the same without her.

Lately, Buzinkai's life situation hasn't been very good, to put it in blunt terms. To say the least, she is not in a situation where she can produce more music for our ears to behold to. And without our help, she might be stuck that way.

So if Doctor, or any of Buzinkai's contributions for that matter, has ever passed through your eardrums (possibly resulting in a permanent eargasm), please consider supporting her upcoming album. Thank you.

UPDATE: Since the release of this album, George Buzinkai has passed away. They were an inspiration to all of us and will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace, George.


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