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Fate of the Heir

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By Rowyn Berlan YouTube YouTube rowynberlan SoundCloud RowynBerlan Twitter.
Cover art by wumby YouTube YouTube wumbyu Twitter wumbyu Instagram.
Released 6/12/2019.
Duration: 2:57.

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Artist commentary:

Rowyn Berlan: (composer, booklet commentary)

This was actually my second take at writing a mituna theme for Beforusbound the first of which was repurposed into Mituna's Theme by PBoss (hella proud of what you did with it by the way).

Now I really wanted to write a song that focused on how Mituna lost his psychic powers and I feel like I did a decent job (also blind prophet reference cause good song), the whole feel of the song is hella supported by the amazing art Wumby did.

With that said this song is also something else, the start of a new personal standard for me when writing music and well in short I hope you enjoy

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