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Collapse Reprise

track cover

track cover

By Pascal van den Bos ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ).
Cover art by Gryotharian ( SoundCloud , YouTube , Tumblr , DeviantArt ).
Released 12/19/2021.
Duration: 5:44.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Collapse Reprise references:

Artist commentary:

Pascal van den Bos:

I originally wrote this song in 2019 for Stable Time Loops and Paradoxes 3 but i ended up scrapping it and completely redoing it, i'm not exactly sure why i did that but either way i felt really bad about that because IMO i ended up ruining the song LOL. So anyway this is the 3rd and proper final version of Collapse AKA "The Descend of the PMT" because it references so many songs.

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